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It’s been a while since I’ve done a printable! Sheesh. Well, I’ve got one for y’all today. It’s a candy pouch.

One of the ladies in my neighborhood has not been feeling too well. I was wracking my brain for something cute & thoughtful to do, but all I could think of was to drop by a bunch of packages of Ramen. That’s what makes me feel better. Instead, I think a bright package full of candy might be more on par. It’s a little more thoughtful than stuffing Ramen in a grocery bag. It’s always the thought that counts.

While making this little package I thought I would share with you the pattern & artwork. No need for it to just sit in my harddrive all alone when it can sit on someone else’s too. Right? If you’d like to make your own candy packages like the ones pictured above, here’s what you’ll need:

  • a sewing machine
  • orange thread (or some other coordinating color)
  • bright candy
  • a paper cutter
  • a hole punch
  • matching baker’s twine or ribbon

First, you’ll want to download the artwork (click the download button below) and my post & presents tutorial (click on the last line of the post to download). Then you’ll want to print out the artwork on cardstock. I printed mine at home, but you could easily have this done at your local print shop. Cut off the unprinted edges so the pattern bleeds off the page, then cut the page in half width-wise. Follow the instructions on the post & presents tutorial to make your pouch. Cut out the little tags provided in the download & punch with a hole punch. Use baker’s twine or ribbon to attach the pretty tag & voila. Done. This would be perfect for a party/dinner favor, a little gift for a friend or anything else you can think of. The orange definitely says fall to me, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use this year round. I do hope you enjoy.

This printable is free for personal use and should not be distributed without my consent. If you would like to use this printable for commercial purposes, please email me. Thanks!

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    1. Erin says:

      so SO cute Melissa! and now I am craving orange slices! you are a great neighbor.

    2. Lindsay says:

      what a perfect idea for holiday treats! :)

    3. Sihui says:

      Very cute idea! You made that with paper?? How creative! Mind if I share this with my readers?

    4. Heather C. says:

      I love how you wrapped Cadence’s cute dress like this and I’ve been meaning to ask you how to do it. Thanks for reading my mind! It was so cute how you had the word ‘baby’ on her gift, but I think that got left behind :( The dress it too cute though and we just love it!!!!

    5. Amy says:

      I was going to make these for my little guys first b-day but use parchment paper. Love the pattern yor made, AWESOME!

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    7. Rikki says:

      What a neat idea. Did the Paper come that way or did you make the design. I would like to make those for Halloween for the grandkids.
      Thanks for sharing.
      Email if you like

    8. Jaimie says:

      This is unbelievably adorable!

    9. anh says:

      what a great idea! so i can use any type of cardstock? or scrapbook paper?

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    11. Tiffany says:

      Such a sweet gesture and cute to boot (found you @ One Pretty thing). I adore your blog, sweet, simple, clever, crafty. Luv it!

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    25. mewrian says:

      This design is so CUTE♥!!
      I appreciate your kind for free design.
      I’ll make good use of it.

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