Leaf Pattern Available to Download!


As I have mentioned before, I’m kind of on a pattern kick and last week’s leaf drawing was just begging to become one. Funny story, Chris and I have had our 24″ iMac for just over a year now, Chris has had the same background since then and wasn’t planning on changing it any time soon until he saw the palace blue leaf pattern. I feel incredibly special right now.

Here they are, all available to download in all the Spring 2009 Fashion Trend colors:

dark-citron-leaf-pattern fuchsia-red-leaf-patternlavender-leaf-patternlucite-green-leaf-patternpalace-blue-leaf-patternrose-dust-leaf-patternsalmon-rose-leaf-patternslate-gray-leaf-patternsuper-lemon-leaf-patternvibrant-green-leaf-pattern

Copy and paste any of these graphics onto your desktop and use this pattern for your blog, twitter, or myspace background! Links back to www.melissaesplin.com are always appreciated. If you’d like to show off what you’ve done with this graphic,  leave a comment with a link or image showing me how you used this pattern!! ALL IS•LY downloads are available for personal use only. ENJOY!

Super Lemon is my Favorite
I think the super lemon yellow is my favorite. ;)


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    1. Heather says:

      Thank you so much for the awesome zebra book! I LOVE IT, I love everything about it! I have to post about my trip to California and then I’ll pay it forward…this is so fun.

    2. Dari P says:

      I just put the turquise as my desktop… love it! Thanks!

    3. tiddly says:

      Ah! I’m in love! Melissa, you’ve done it again.

    4. Nikki CB says:

      Beautiful pattern.

    5. brandi says:

      LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing and spicing up my desktop background.

    6. Driskill says:

      Hi, great posts. I will tell others to read your blog posts! Thank you.

    7. […] UPDATE: I finished the leafy pattern! Check out the pattern and download it for twitter/desktop here! […]

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