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Penelope the Leg Lamp


I’ve been working on graphic design today (can’t wait to share it with you!), so there’s not much going on besides that. I have decided (thanks to all of your kind, but honest comments – they don’t always go hand in hand so thank you!) to say goodbye to the living room lamp. If you want to rescue it from craft hell, it’ll be waiting for you at the 45th South D.I.. But seriously- if you really want it, just email me. I’ll let you have it for free. You just have to send me pictures of what you end up doing with it; whether it’s shooting it with your 12 gauge shotgun, hog-tying it to the front of your truck as a hood ornament or actually rescuing it & making it look awesome.

Penelope had a great idea yesterday for repurposing the toilet paper shade – a LEG LAMP! How brilliant is that for a Halloween costume? Penelope always sports bare legs & my heels around the house as it is, so adding a lamp atop her head is perfect. I was literally rolling on the floor laughing when I discovered her in the living room wearing this shade. Who is this girl? How did she become so hilarious?!

I love Penelope.

You Are So Indie Card II


Show your friends some love! I know y’all think it’s fun to get something other than a bill or an ad in the mail. I think all of you should print this card and send it to someone you think is cool. I sure did (and it wasn’t addressed to me). ;)

You're the leader of the pack

Download the Indie Wolf Card Here

Download the Envelope Template Here

This card was inspired by this wolf shirt, which Chris and I think is super cool. You know what’s even cooler? The card fits perfectly inside the printable envelope I designed a while back. Click on the links above to download the card & envelope.

12 Days of Valentines: Showers are Nice



Dear Valentine,

You’re covered in

grease. Grease makes

me sick and puke.



In my defense, I do shower. On a weekly basis. If Chris gets lucky, I might shower every other day. ;)

It’s just a one-time thing. BLERG.


The first night on Christmas vacation, sister-in-law, Brooke had Penelope dialed in. The whole week we were there they were two peas in a pod. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to have the camera rolling for Penelope’s laugh attack.

Contagious, isn’t it? My cheeks hurt terribly from smiling and laughing while editing the video. Maybe I should just play this thing every time Penelope gets on my nerves? Also, we can’t seem to replicate this level of laughter even though we try and try. Brooke, can you teach us your secrets?!?


I just wanted to announce that Penelope is now 9 months old. Here are her milestones, Penelope can:

  • Pull herself to stand
  • Bounce really high in her bouncy swing
  • Say ma ma and da da and boo and ga
  • gurgle
  • blow raspberries
  • occasionally wave
  • maintain a completely straight face while complete strangers try to make her smile [and go to great efforts to do so]
  • eat all solid food in sight pretty much without a bib
  • call family members from my cell phone
  • cry and throw a whirlwind of a temper tantrum [wonder where she gets that from?]


Penelope’s doctor’s visit went really well on Friday. She’s growing spectacularly. Here are her stats:

  • Height: 85th percentile [up from 73% ]
  • Weight: 83rd percentile [down from 90% ]
  • Head: 99th percentile [up from 95%]

While we’ve had a rough couple of weeks [it wasn’t all bad], she still is my favorite. Chris’s favorite, too. I love you Nells Bells.

A Hostage Situation


hostage dolphin

Dear Vivian,

If you ever want to see your dear dolphin (or platypus?) ever again; meet me at the park tomorrow at noon with my mom’s green plates. OR ELSE!!

Penelope the Destroyer

Vivian’s Response:


Update: Dolphin and green plates were returned to rightful owners. No harm or incident occurred at the park.

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