12 Days of Valentines: Showers are Nice



Dear Valentine,

You’re covered in

grease. Grease makes

me sick and puke.



In my defense, I do shower. On a weekly basis. If Chris gets lucky, I might shower every other day. ;)

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    1. katie says:

      Chris, locke makes me check your valentines almost on a daily basis.
      You two are so in LOVE!
      we’ll be sad when valentines gets here because there will be no more 10:30PM laughs.

    2. katie says:

      and melissa i can TOTALLY relate. once a tried to tell locke that our shampoo was giving me dandruff and he said it wasn’t the shampoo but the lack of showering….needless to say i still have dandruff hahaha but not because i don’t shower often. love ya!

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