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DIY: Simple Rope Necklace Tutorial


It’s unreal how long I’ve had this DIY in the queue.


I made these necklaces back in 2013, just before I went to L.A. for a girls’ weekend. Back when I made this, I had an idea for a giant rope necklace, but didn’t have any giant rope. Turns out you can find this type of stuff in the upholstery section, but making your own rope is hyper fun. And insanely easy.


It adds a little bit of quirkiness, but it doesn’t look nearly as home made as it is. I love that.


For the simplest of necklaces, here’s what we’ll need:

  • Cotton twine: any kind (I found mine at Home Depot)
  • scissors
  • tape
  • jump rings
  • chain (16+ inches)
  • pliers

Click the link to see the full tutorial.


Tutorial: Beaded Turban Ring


I’m a last-minute gift-giver. 90% of the gifts on my list have not been bought or made. . . yet. I’m that on the ball this year. In fact, does anyone else feel like they’re just dragging behind with holiday prep?


Each year I try to make most of my gifts. It’s become increasingly harder with two kids and calligraphy work. So I like to go for things that are simple, thoughtful and/or cute. I was playing around with an idea for a ring design using only these small beads and gold wire. That’s when the idea for this little ring struck. It’s so easy, you could make up a bunch for  of your besties this winter!

Beaded Turban Ring




Cut the wire about 8 inches long. bend one end about 2 inches from the end. The bend will keep the beads from falling off.

With the straight end, string the beads, about 4-5 inches. Some glass beads won’t fit at all, while others will slide on smoothly. Just keep picking out more beads until you find one that fits.


Wrap the beaded wire around a marker or finger. Above I have 4 wraps. Only wrap the marker twice. Remove any excess beads, then trim and kink the straight end about an inch or so in.


Coil one wire around the other, tucking the end in as much as you can.


Coil the second end around the first coil tightly.


Now enjoy!

Outfit details:

More tutorials are on their way!

*This tutorial/freebie is free for personal use and should not be distributed/republished without my consent. Altering any files is NOT ALLOWED. If you would like to use this freebie for commercial purposes, please email me. Thanks!



Tutorial: Textured Polymer Clay Earrings


If you ever go to a conference and stay with roommates, you have to bring roommate gifts. By “have to” I mean you really don’t, but you feel like a dork being the only one without a gift to give when settling in. When I say you, I mean me. Because it’s happened to me a few times in the past. I vow to never let that happen again.


Coming up with just the right roommate gift was really hard for me. It didn’t happen until late the night before the conference. I rediscovered this unicorn print by Heather Ross I scored from Sunni at a fabric swap and the light sparked immediately. Little gauze bags with treats, notions and earrings.


Sewing the gauze bags was a snap. Fold over the top with the string inside. Sew. Sew right sides together for sides and bottom of the bag, sewing just shy of the top of the bag (leaving room for the string). Flip right side out. Iron. istillloveyou-polymer-clay-earrings-texture-tutorial-1

The little earrings were a happy discovery. I had stamps laying out from a prior craft with Penelope’s friends. Intrigued by the textures of the stamps I made these. Quick. Easy. Unique. Let me show you how to make them. (more…)

DIY: Fringe Necklace


I made this necklace back in January. It’s my go-to, match-with-everything necklace. I can just slip it right over my neck and rock and roll. I made it at 3 in the morning just before leaving for Altitude summit. Understandably, I just couldn’t sleep, so I made something. When I get stressed, my hands get busy.

And did I tell you fringe is the new ruffle? Heck, everything is the new ruffle.

Click below to learn how to make this simple craft. You’ll be able to whip one up in about 15 minutes, as long as you have the supplies on hand. Oh, and I bet this would work nicely in a vegan leather, felt or even denim. With denim, cut up as directed and let it naturally fray, or use fray check to keep it from unravelling.

This is the perfect craft for little remnants! Hope you get as much use out of your fringe necklace as I have.


DIY: Dipped Shell Necklace


While we were at the beach, tropical storm Baryl came through town. It was pretty short-lived, but it washed up a bunch of interesting shells onto shore.

We took a long walk as a family (my parents, siblings and wee ones) picking up cool shells and poking at all of the jellyfish. I didn’t take too many home with me, except for a few that I wanted to use for supplies for projects. I thought it would be fun to make my own memento of our family vacation to the beach.

I thought dipping shells would be the perfect way to include sea shells into my wardrobe and personality. It’s also a great way to use some funky-shaped shells. Read more for the tutorial (it also includes helpful tips on working with corded leather!).


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