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Did you know that feathers are all the rage? Peacock feathers, perhaps? When Chris and I went to Brazil over 2 years ago, I wanted to get some peacock feather earrings SO BADLY. Ultimately Chris said no, but I was too timid about the fashion to buy them anyway. Maybe someday I can be cool and sport a pair of feather earrings. I’ll just draw peacock feathers in the mean time.



I gave Tacie two colorways, one for fall/winter the other for spring/summer. I kept the design simple and I think it turned out just right. To see the logo in action, Check out Tacie’s etsy shop at tailfeathersinc.etsy.com.

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    1. I was just thinking a couple days ago that a peacock feather would be a beautiful personalized stationery embellishment!

    2. Alma says:

      Love love love it. I also appreciate you including your sketch because it makes me feel better about some of my sketches. It’s good to know that other artists don’t automatically sketch a perfectly rendered final product.

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