Tutorial: Rear-View Mirror Love Notes


I made a little hanging white board for Chris’s rear-view mirror. Kinda silly, but I can write him all sorts of fun notes and hang them from his car rear view mirror for a little surprise as he leaves for work.


There are all sorts of ways you can make mini white boards, but I used all things I had on-hand, plus sheets of washi tape (yes sheets!).


DIY White Board Supplies

  • glue stick, invisible
  • bone folder
  • string
  • washi sheets
  • thick board
  • white paper
  • transparency paper

These supplies worked for me, but you could easily substitute: a popsicle stick for the bonefolder, paper and glue for the washi sheets, a few layers of cereal boxes or the back of a sketch pad for the thick board and clear plastic packaging for transparency paper. ┬áIf you’ve got it on hand, use it!


Glue up your board and carefully place your white sheet of paper on top.


Use a bone folder or popsicle stick to smooth out any bubbles.


Around the outside only, glue down the transparency sheet. Make sure it is firmly in place.


Cut your washi sheet about 1 1/2 inch larger than the width and height of your board. Remove the backing or evenly coat your paper with glue. Place your paper-covered board in the center of your washi sheet or paper.


In your hand, turn the board and sheet over and smooth out any bubbles with your bonefolder.


Clip off the corners, but about 1/8th of an inch away from the corner. This will make your corners look neater. Promise.


Bend the board, making the tape stick to the sides. Press tape neatly over top the transparency. It might want to buckle in spots.


Pinch down the excess over those corners. Repeat on bottom and sides until the tape is completely wrapped around the front side of your board.


Punch holes and thread string through the holes. Secure the string.


Write your message.


See how cute the back is? It’s such a simple project, but I could see this being a fun little game within a family or tight group of friends.

Write a little love message or compliment and leave it in their car, bathroom, etc for them to read. They can then erase and pass the love onto someone else. A perfect family activity for the month of February, if you ask me.

Washi tape pages provided by Lifestyle Crafts.


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    1. jenn says:

      aw that’s so cute! i love that washi tape! did you know they make white board paint??? i saw it next to the chalkboard paint at home depot! sounds fun.

    2. Lindsay says:

      I didn’t realize it’s so easy to make a white board! THis is really cute.

    3. marissa says:

      i LOVE this!

    4. kelsey bang says:

      this is so cute and thoughtful! I love it!

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