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Senior Pictures at Gardner Village


Last week I had a great opportunity to take my cousin’s Senior photos. I was just tickled pink that my aunt would trust me to take photos of such a memorable time in my cousin’s life!

Whitney in the Backyard

It’s been a while since I’ve roamed around the Salt Lake valley in search for Photo-op backdrops, so the first and really only place that came to mind was Gardner Village. If you live in Utah, and you don’t know what Gardner Village is, you’ve got to click on the link and GO! It’s a walking, outdoor “mall” of sorts. There are quilt shops, antique shops, bakeries, candy shops(the best fudge you’ll ever find). Best of all, it’s beautifully manicured with a creek, gorgeous flower beds, antique buildings and wood structures; all perfect for taking just the right photo. On another note, there are carnivals and events there for Halloween, Christmas and at pretty much every major holiday and it’s a very family-friendly environment.

Whitny at Utility Shed

I don’t think it would matter where we took the pictures, though. Whitney is just beautiful and knows just what to do in front of the camera (she thought she wasn’t photogenic–FALSE!).  Did I mention that Gardner Village isn’t open until 10am? We had the place all to ourselves at 8am; no random folks getting in the way of our photo shoot!

Whitney Jumping by the Cat Tails

I love the fashion photography where the models are jumping up and down. Can you tell?


We had a lot of fun talking about boys.

Whitney in the Grass

Here’s Whitney in her Supermodel pose.


I just love how it all turned out!

I want to get more photography under my belt and I would love to take pictures of someone riding my bike (an old schwinn from the ’60s). Anyone in the Salt Lake area willing to pose for me? Please leave a comment!

Accordion Frame + Tutorial


I’ve been a little busy recently. Mostly I’ve been working on this and this. Yeah, uh if you need any survival gear, go here. It’s probably the spiffiest-looking outdoor/survival gear e-store you’ll ever see. So, I haven’t had much time for arts and crafts. Nope, not very many at least. And since I’ve been so busy, all of the tutorials I promise myself I’d put up have been put off. Not for long, though. Promise.

Accordion Frames

About a week ago, I got an idea to make regular frames into an accordion frame set. I think it turned out sweet. Pictures of the family sure do spiff up an apartment. Want to do this project, too? Click HERE to download the free tutorial.

Looking around for more tutorials? Click on the DIY button in the right nav bar for my original tutorials, or click on the tutorial category link in the left nav bar for links to other tutorials. Thanks for reading. ISLY.

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