Fickle Face Mask Tutorial & Guest Post

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When my husband Chris asked me on our first date, he decided that we would do dinner and plaster face masks. Chris is unique. Making face masks is the antithesis of dinner and a movie, a super-memorable first date, and terribly difficult to do with eggs. . .

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Download the Fickle Face Masks tutorial here.
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    1. Hi! I just came across your site from the Mommy Hurdle and love it! The crazy thing is that I went to school with your husband. I doubt he remembers me but my maiden name is Ashley Hooker. We went to ASA together. What a small world! I read that you moved to Salt Lake so I am guessing you are LDS. I am a fairly recent convert. If you are LDS then that is so cool because I had no idea Chris was. If you could tell him I said Hi I would appreciate it- and I am now bookmarking your site- your really rock!

      Ashley Hooker Barnhart

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