Cheerio, Trash!


I’m all about quick and easy crafts these days. This one took me mmm. . . five minutes? maybe three. It’s so fast.

How to make a trash can out of a cereal box & wallpaper (or wrapping paper)

Step 1: Staple down the flaps (adds strength)

Step 2: Cut paper to size and tape down ( I used double sided tape for this part, so that the tape wouldn’t show. Everywhere else I used very strong packaging tape)

Step 3: For the opening, cut the paper at each corner. Fold to the inside and tape.

Step 4: Fold extra paper like you would wrap a gift. Tape down.

Step 5: Insert plastic bag (I use old grocery bags) and start throwing your trash away!

I made this trash can for my car about a month ago and it is such a lifesaver. I can just throw Penelope’s diapers in there, and not worry about them soiling the car (or worse, my purse). We use this all the time. I suspect you could also modify this to hold toys, games, etc for long car rides.

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    1. Heather says:

      What a cute trash can. My brother made something very similar a couple years ago but his was wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and used to hold salt for the icy sidewalk and front porch. I love simple crafts.

    2. Kinzie says:

      I’m luvin’ all your quick, cheap, creative ideas! Keep them coming, I’m going to try them out soon, when we move into our apt! Send me an email ( if you don’t have an invite to my blog :)

    3. Nikki CB says:

      This is very cool. I like the step by step pix too. You could make a book of step by step DIY projects like this, and I’m sure it would be awesome. One quick question, where does one GET a cereal box of that size?? ;) I’m guessing costco, etc. The final project looks great.

    4. You’re a freaken genius!

    5. Katrina says:

      Yay Element!

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