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We Bought A Photobooth


It’s like one of those things that you say that elicits a cocked head and a, “What?”. Like we bought a zoo or something. Except infinitely sillier and minus the animal poop.



In October of this year Alix and I (along with our men) bought an open-concept photobooth. Alix is heavily involved in the event planning scene in the Utah and Salt Lake valleys. Both of us have been sorely disappointed in poor branding, terrible exposures and bulky equipment. Especially when it came down to the Secret Garden event back in January.

If you want something done right, you better do it yourself! So SaltyBooth was born: A utah-based photo booth business run by event experts. 


Since getting our photobooth, we’ve had a ton of fun. Lots of late night photo sessions sorting out branding and layouts. It’s resulted in lots of family photos. An excellent perk of the new job, I might add.


We set up the booth for our Christmas cards (which are turning out to be more like New Year’s cards – EEP!). The image quality  was nice enough for us to get a 11×14 canvas of the above amazingness. I can’t tell you how thrilled that makes me!


For Halloween we started a new tradition: Pic or Treat. Take a pic or grab a treat. It was a huge hit! Parents could get a great photo of their kids in costume and teens. . . teens squeal over any opportunity for a good selfie!


We had our first event last month with a handful of bloggers. The reception was more than we could have hoped for. Since then we’ve had our second event and booked several more. Get in touch if you’re looking for a photo booth rental for your next event! Here’s why what we offer is better than anything you’ll see locally:

  • We understand events and the blogging industry (amazing images are everything)
  • If you hire us, you get a calligrapher/designer and an event planner to make your booth awesomesauce
  • Users won’t be able to resist sharing their images across social platforms (Integrated Twitter, Facebook and Twitter, SMS and email sharing)
  • Instant gratification with a ridiculously amazing photo printer (we only use the best)
  • Our rockin’ lighting system allows you to get fabulous photos every time, even if the lighting at your event sucks
  • Our open-concept booth takes up very little space and it’s all-in-0ne so no bulky equipment to trip over
  • We’re really fun!


image by Alix | business cards by engrave jet

Email us at infoATsaltyboothDOTcom to book us for your next event.

3 Don’t Miss Sales


Until I get my studio set up at our new place, I’ll be posting mostly thrifty finds, ideas & guest posts. If you’re interested in guest posting here, please email submissions (photos at least 500px wide) to melissa at melissaesplin dot com.

If you live in Utah’s Wasatch front, I’ve got two sales you don’t want to miss! First one, my sister-in-law Shelley, and her sophomore Industrial Design class at BYU made lamps & they’re selling them to the public. These lamps are killer! Hello, bottom left lamp! You’re going to be mine. All lamps are $20. Seriously, you can’t pass this up. Be sure to spread the word along to friends & family that might be interested. I believe they’re only offering 15 of each design. You can find them selling the lamps outside at the Gateway Mall – at the main intersection by the parking garage by Gap, J.Crew & Abercrombie.

The second sale is American Craft’s annual Scrapbooking sale. I like hitting this up every year for gifts for my mom & for packaging for Christmas. I went yesterday & found some fantastic deals on ribbons, trims & paper bows for giftwrapping! If you’re thinking about buying the CUTUP, they have a few available at half the price. You’ll want to get in on that if you’ve been thinking about it. Directions and details in the image below.


. . . And there’s one more I almost forgot!! The Bijou Market is this weekend, too! I’ll definitely be stopping by to check out the goods from 5th & HazelAnnily GreenAshmaeLivy Love Designs and more!

Well, as you can tell, progress on moving in is much slower than I had anticipated. Last night Chris set up the big computer, so I’ll actually be able to get some design work done. This place is fantastic, but the studio is going to be a giant project as it is in the unfinished basement. I’ll be posting videos of my progress periodically.

Halloween in Poladroids


Thank goodness Halloween isn’t over. Wait. It IS over and I’m behind the times!!

.   .   .

Here’s my Halloween in Poladroids:

The weather reporter said that it was going to be a hideous day. WRONG.

My younger sister, Linnley, dressed up as Sleeping Beauty (didn’t manage to get her with the tiara, oh well).

I dressed Penelope up (many thanks to Carrie) as a goldfish. It’s fitting since she’s named after a song about a fish. And I love Koi fish.

We had a little “party” at Grandma & Grandpa Newton’s. Almost all of the great-grandkids were there.

We made appearances at a couple of offices & a candy counter.

We capped off our perfect day with a bunch of cute trick-or-treaters.

For more Halloween pictures (untouched by photoshop and/or Poladroid) go HERE.

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