Halloween in Poladroids


Thank goodness Halloween isn’t over. Wait. It IS over and I’m behind the times!!

.   .   .

Here’s my Halloween in Poladroids:

The weather reporter said that it was going to be a hideous day. WRONG.

My younger sister, Linnley, dressed up as Sleeping Beauty (didn’t manage to get her with the tiara, oh well).

I dressed Penelope up (many thanks to Carrie) as a goldfish. It’s fitting since she’s named after a song about a fish. And I love Koi fish.

We had a little “party” at Grandma & Grandpa Newton’s. Almost all of the great-grandkids were there.

We made appearances at a couple of offices & a candy counter.

We capped off our perfect day with a bunch of cute trick-or-treaters.

For more Halloween pictures (untouched by photoshop and/or Poladroid) go HERE.

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    1. Brooke says:

      Cute cute cute! I looove the 4th picture of Penelope.

    2. Laurie says:

      I love the fish costume! How clever. And the pick where she is sticking out her tongue is perfect!

    3. Steph says:


      Penelope is so cute in her little fish costume!!! You guys are so adorable! It was so good to see you while you were here! By the way…didn’t you take pictures of Patrick and Penelope? Is there anyway I could get copies of those?


    4. carrie says:

      So happy to help. P looks so cute in the fishy costume! It was soooo good to see you again!

    5. Jenny Smolnik says:

      Melissa, did you make that fish costume? It looks like something you would make. If you did, I want to get the pattern. It’s probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and worn by the cutest baby. I hope you guys are doing well.

    6. Melissa says:

      I definitely did not make the costume. I’m totally flattered that so many people thought it plausible! I wanted to keep Halloween simple this year, and borrowed the costume from my friend, Carrie. Carrie got the costume from Babystyle.

      Thanks, Carrie!

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