Calligraphy Workshop in San Francisco


I’ve been pretty busy with calligraphy lately; logos, event signage, presents for friends and a tattoo here and there.

I’ve also been occupied by planning the next few live workshops. Next up: San Francisco!


I’ll be in San Francisco the third week of July while Chris runs a 30-miler with a bunch of his friends. I’m sad it doesn’t coincide with Alt SF, but I’m going to San Fran! My happy place!

I’ll be teaching a 2-part workshop focusing on digital and hand-written calligraphy. You can sign up for one workshop or both. Space is limited, so sign up soon! The 2-part workshop is back-to-back. If you’d like to participate in both sessions, there’s an hour break for dinner and mingling at 6pm. Dinner is not included in the workshop price, but you can bring your own or order from the take-out menus provided.

Part one will cover:

  • calligraphy tools and beginnings
  • learning the pointed pen
  • figuring out flourishes
  • making it your own
  • a basic calligraphy kit for you to keep
  • sign up here

Part two will cover:

  • tools for digitizing your work
  • how to scan your work
  • how to photoshop your lettering
  • how to vectorize your lettering
  • sign up here

Not in San Francisco? There’s always my online class! If you’re in the Phoenix or Denver areas keep on the lookout for a workshop near you this summer. I’m always open to suggestions for cities to visit. Make your suggestions here.


Here’s a little calligraphy piece I lettered for a friend. She’s such a hard-worker and gets so much amazing things done, she needed a reminder of how awesome she is.


I sponsored a little giveaway at a barbecue I attended on Monday. I lettered 6 cards and their envelopes.


I think “Look at you go!” is probably my favorite.


Instead of just packaging the cards with plain envelopes, I put little “please deliver to” details on them. I also put stamps on each one so they’re easy to send.


Kindly deliver to on the bottom right is my favorite.

On another note: thanks for being so supportive of my need to scale back. It’s looking like I’m scaling back even more to just two posts per week. I would love to post more, it’s just so hard to get motivated to photograph and write it all out! I’m still pretty emotional, but I’m feeling much less stress these days.

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    1. Eeeeep! You’re planning on coming to Denver?! I am SO excited – I would LOVE to attend one of your workshops!

    2. phil says:

      your french is very good ;-)

    3. Kristin H says:

      I am so there!! Yay!!

    4. Kylie says:

      I know New Mexico isn’t exactly happenin’, but I would love to attend a workshop in Santa Fe or Albuquerque!

    5. gina says:

      San Diego?? please?? that’s where i wish your next exhibit/workshop would be…

    6. gina d says:

      please come to san diego…

    7. Come to Raleigh/Durham, NC next! I’d take your class in a heartbeat! :)

    8. Casey says:

      ANYWHERE on the East Coast!!!! I would LOVE to attend both of these workshops!

    9. Heidi says:

      It’s all about the details. I like that you lettered “please deliver to” on the envelopes. What fun to receive a pretty envelope in the mail!
      I, too, deal with anxiety/depression. Among many other changes I have found that it helps so much to let go of things, as you are doing. I quit my own blog, my etsy shop and even weekly cleaning (eek, did I just admit that??) and instead try to focus on the important things like taking care of myself and spending time with my family. Again, good for you for taking care of yourself!

    10. Once I saw you mention an SF digital class, I’ve been checking the blog constantly for the sign-up. You’re online class was great and I’m so excited to learn the next step in person!

    11. Holly says:

      How fun! I’d love it if you came to Seattle and know quite a few interested ladies in my city!

    12. Lia Thibodeau says:

      San Diego Please!

    13. Pamela Graham says:

      Love the hustlin art work…that is a verse from a Ross song!!

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