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Calligraphy: Collaborative Inspirational Wedding Shoot


I partnered up with Gentri, Emmily, Daryl, Erin and others to create a positively gorgeous wedding inspiration shoot.

I loved my wedding, but come on. These flowers make me want to plan it all over again.


The rich color palette was simply stunning, even more-so in person. All the textures make my eyeballs happy.


It was in the middle of a canyon near my house, freezing cold. The location was a bit out of the way, but simply magical.




To go with the natural glamorous theme, I lettered place cards on kraft stock with white ink, cranberry shadows, gold details with glitter.


The hand-lettered menu cards were printed with cranberry ink and gold details for an extra pop.


Do you ever wish that you could re-plan your wedding just for the sake of living in eye candy for a moment? I do sometimes. Then I sit back and think about how much I really loved that day with even with the road-blocks and compromises that came along with it.

See below for the full list of vendors:

*All photos in this post by Daryl Schmidt.

Esplin Godfrey Wedding Invitation


Here’s the wedding invitation I designed for my brother-in-law & his new wife. They were both so easy to work with! I think Rebecca might have picked the easiest wedding colors to work with ever: steel blue & a subdued kelly green. Not the colors I would’ve chosen, but they were absolutely beautiful. Yesterday at the reception all of the family members wore boutonnieres made from wild flowers & rosemary. They smelled amazing & were so adorable. Next time I put on a fancy party, I’m TOTALLY going to decorate with herbs.

Rebecca wanted something simple and traditional with some handmade touches. I designed some simple scrolling, hand-lettered their names & set the text with a go-to font of mine: Glypha.

Rebecca & Scott liked this picture, but it didn’t make the final cut to be in the invite, so we opted to incorporate this pic in the thank you postcard. I’ve mentioned this before: thank you post cards are the SHIZZZZ. They’re simple, take little organization to send out (no envelopes, etc) & require very little postage. It makes sending out a thank you SO easy – that it actually happens. I like using a picture with the thank you card, it puts those wedding/engagement photos to use.

5 years ago today


I was wearing this:

  • necklace: handmade by my dad – given to me on my wedding day
  • dress: hand-me-down, Nanette of New York – my mom wore it first, then my Aunt Bee, my older sister, me, followed by my younger sister
  • earrings: my great-grandma Buz
  • shoes: Forever young shoes, $20

TOTAL: $20

Chris & Cesia Wedding Invitation


If you ask a designer (at least girl designers) what they enjoy designing most, most of them will say wedding invitations. Just ask a designer you know. For me, I like designing them because it’s print (I love print design), I get an excuse to do something a little more formal, the wording is already laid out for me (I’m terrible with creative text) and it’s a great way to get my creative juices flowing.

A couple months ago, my engaged cousin asked me if I’d design their wedding invitations, of course I was just thrilled to. I had a lot of fun working on these, and I’m so excited to share the design with you.

Chris & Cesia have a lot of family and friends; they printed and sent out 700 invitations. 700! So of course the cost of printing was definitely something to we had to consider. While brainstorming and discussing the design, they decided that they really liked the invitations I designed for my own wedding nearly four years ago. I feel like I’ve grown a lot since designing those, but it is flattering that someone liked the design I did so long ago!

Here’s a little bit of info about the creative process and the invitations themselves:

  • A10 Envelopes & Invitation – I formatted the invitations to fit A10 envelopes; they are very inexpensive and you can find them in almost every color!
  • Black and white digital printing – We kept the printing cheap, but used good-quality 110lb cream uncoated cover so it didn’t feel cheap.
  • Custom Stamp – Getting this custom stamp made cost about $35, and added a whole lot of color and variety to the invitations. This is also a great way to add a touch of your wedding to anything (i.e. favors, envelopes, centerpieces, thank yous, place cards, etc)!
  • Sewn Invitation – This added a bit of variety and structure to the invite and kept the invitation and photo together. Additionally, it allowed us to include and hide registry information.
  • Photograph – While I don’t shoot engagements, I did take theirs. They were so easy to photograph! It was really nice to have full control of the quality and styling of the photograph.
  • Fonts – I used Quicksand for the invitation text and my own handwriting for their names.

There you have it. Chris & Cesia were SO incredibly easy going and fun to work with on these invitations. Now I’ve got to work on getting the rest of my cousins married. ;)

That bow brings out the big in your head.


Penelope's hairbow

Nathan’s sister-in-law, Brooke, made matching blue bows for all of her daughters and was kind enough to make an extra for Pen. She did the hard part of making the bow, I just added a few feathers here and there. I think it looks sweet in Penelope’s hair, but I ended up wearing it most of the time. I’ll probably get the most use out of it in the long run, too!


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