Esplin Godfrey Wedding Invitation


Here’s the wedding invitation I designed for my brother-in-law & his new wife. They were both so easy to work with! I think Rebecca might have picked the easiest wedding colors to work with ever: steel blue & a subdued kelly green. Not the colors I would’ve chosen, but they were absolutely beautiful. Yesterday at the reception all of the family members wore boutonnieres made from wild flowers & rosemary. They smelled amazing & were so adorable. Next time I put on a fancy party, I’m TOTALLY going to decorate with herbs.

Rebecca wanted something simple and traditional with some handmade touches. I designed some simple scrolling, hand-lettered their names & set the text with a go-to font of mine: Glypha.

Rebecca & Scott liked this picture, but it didn’t make the final cut to be in the invite, so we opted to incorporate this pic in the thank you postcard. I’ve mentioned this before: thank you post cards are the SHIZZZZ. They’re simple, take little organization to send out (no envelopes, etc) & require very little postage. It makes sending out a thank you SO easy – that it actually happens. I like using a picture with the thank you card, it puts those wedding/engagement photos to use.

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    1. These are beautiful! I love the colors, and your hand lettering is gorgeous, as always. We went with postcards for our thank you notes…they really are the best, because who wants to seal another envelope once the invitations go out? Xo, Katie

    2. Emily says:

      Looks great! LOVE the thank yous!!

    3. Marissa says:

      your calligraphy is so beautiful, melissa. so impressed as always. silly question – what’s an open house?

    4. Shaela says:

      beautiful!! I have been meaning to make some thank you postcards for a long time… I think I may finally get around to it by Christmas, hahaha

    5. Elizabelle says:

      I got married two years ago and used postcards for my thank yous. They were so unique, fun, and easy!

    6. Linda says:

      Marissa, Your question is not silly. An “open house” is a more casual reception, where people can come and go as they wish. In other words, my home will be “open” during those hours for anyone to come and visit with Scott and Rebecca and the rest of our family. We are serving hamburgers and hot dogs and salads and lemonade, and cookies and brownies. Since it’s in Phoenix in the summer heat, we will be both inside and outside of the house. It will be a joyful gathering of family and friends to celebrate last week’s wedding. Linda Esplin (Scott’s mom)

    7. April says:

      I LOVE these! So beautiful and simple.

      I never heard of an open house reception, but I love the idea!

      I have a question, what did you print the thank you post cards on? Did you just use your home printer and print on card stock?

      Just curious. :D

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