Calligraphy: Collaborative Inspirational Wedding Shoot


I partnered up with Gentri, Emmily, Daryl, Erin and others to create a positively gorgeous wedding inspiration shoot.

I loved my wedding, but come on. These flowers make me want to plan it all over again.


The rich color palette was simply stunning, even more-so in person. All the textures make my eyeballs happy.


It was in the middle of a canyon near my house, freezing cold. The location was a bit out of the way, but simply magical.




To go with the natural glamorous theme, I lettered place cards on kraft stock with white ink, cranberry shadows, gold details with glitter.


The hand-lettered menu cards were printed with cranberry ink and gold details for an extra pop.


Do you ever wish that you could re-plan your wedding just for the sake of living in eye candy for a moment? I do sometimes. Then I sit back and think about how much I really loved that day with even with the road-blocks and compromises that came along with it.

See below for the full list of vendors:

*All photos in this post by Daryl Schmidt.

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    1. Leslie says:

      Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!

    2. Kristin H says:

      I totally do, but not my wedding day. That was beautiful. The reception day, however, I wish I could redo. It was a logistical and decor disaster. As in, my mother accidentally sent my bridesmaids with my dress in the opposite direction of the venue and my expensive bouquet ended up looking like a foliage dagger, just to name two of the issues. But look how lovely that mock up is! I love the ink and paper you chose. Sooo lovely.

    3. Rachael says:

      I let my mother-in-law plan most things (at a distance, and after 5 years of dating/engagement in the LDS community, all we wanted was a ceremony and to be married!), and while the important bits were perfect (we got married!), I look at the pictures and wish I had insisted on more input, and put my foot down about things like, no, I don’t want a bouquet if I can’t afford the one I want because the flowers I love were all out of season. I hate roses, and that’s what I got.

    4. Shari says:

      That table is absolutely glorious! Those colors and textures are fantastic! Love Love Love

      xoxo ~Shari

    5. Maggie says:

      I didn’t care about most of it. I got married. We didn’t go into debt to do it. We enjoyed it. Both mothers were happy. I was happy. I do enjoy photos of other people’s wedding who have the resources to rock it.

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