Thrifty: Felix’s Striped Romper


Here’s another thrift store find I picked up for a couple bucks way back when Felix was a wee one. He still looks like a wee one to me, even though he’s nearing 16 months.

The green stripes just scream summer. I’m really loving this particular shade of green. I’m thinking of incorporating it in my home decor.

Penelope looks so grown up in this picture. Completely annoyed at Felix and his hair-pulling antics. 

She still loves him, though.

Outfit Details:


  • romper: thrifted


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    1. mandie says:

      I love that little goober. Great find!!

    2. marissa says:

      omg, so adorable, the two of them! and the last fuzzy drool shot? priceless! that romper rocks!

    3. Tamara says:

      Love the hoodie on the romper! So cute! Here are some of my recent thrift store finds:

    4. nikki says:

      the drool in the last photo is awesome!

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