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In my attempt to decorate for our family parties for Penelope’s birthday, I wanted to make a cute birthday sign. I’ve seen so many parties decorated with bunting and I’ve truly fallen in love. I’ve been on a paper sewing kick and I had a bunch of fun yellow and grey wallpaper that was screaming to be used.

birthday banner

I’m really happy with the final product, I can’t bear to take it down. I think the whole project took me just under an hour to make. It helped that my mom had a cricut so I didn’t have to cut out the letters by hand.

Make your own birthday bunting with IS•LY’s easy tutorial! Click here to download.

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    1. Kathleen says:

      That is so cute! I love the colors you chose.

      I made a paper one for my son’s birthday last month, and would love to make more of them for other occasions.

      I wrote a tutorial on it too

      • Melissa says:


        What a sweet banner you made! I really like the circles, they really added to the flair of the banner. Have you tried sewing the paper though? For some reason (I’m not sure if others feel this way) I get such great satisfaction of hearing, feeling, seeing the needle & thread puncture through the paper.

    2. Jessica says:

      I love this too! What a fun site! My mother’s name is Penelope!

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    4. […] My theme, if any of this had any sort of theme, was yellow. I love yellow, and Penelope brightens so many people’s lives that it just fit. I wasn’t able to get yellow cupcake cups or yellow napkins or yellow flowers (again, seriously only 24 hours to prep for this thing), but I did find my mom’s awesome wedding plates that had a ribbon of yellow, my yellow table cloth and some yellow wallpaper for Penelope’s happy birthday sign. Find the tutorial on how to make your own banner, here. […]

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