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Chocolate Ginger Cookies Recipe


This blog is becoming less and less about food and more about the creative process. And making these cookies was a truly creative process. Penelope wanted chocolate cookies before church a few weeks ago. I didn’t have any chocolate chips, nor did I want to drive 20 minutes to the grocery store to get them. So I wanted to see if I could get a chocolate cookie by using cocoa powder. I couldn’t find a recipe that either didn’t call for chocolate chips or have a long ingredient list of things I don’t usually stock in my kitchen. So I made one up!!

I fused a molasses cookie (I wanted to deepen the flavor of the chocolate) and a snickerdoodle. My mom gave me the best recipes for both, so I used those. And these WORK WELL AT ALTITUDE!!!! YAY! We’re at 6400 ft. elevation, so cookie recipes can be problematic and the cookies end up a sloppy mess on the cookie sheet. These hold their shape and stay chewy. ON to the recipe, shall we?


Favorite Eats and The Wild Rose


With our kitchen out of commission, we’ve been doing microwave dinners and eating out A TON. The microwave dinners are definitely getting old, but eating out has had the unexpected benefit of finding new places to try. I love finding great new restaurants. I’ve teamed up with Favorite Eats for a lot of our dining out. It’s super slick. You know those coupon books that you’d get at school fundraisers? They were great in theory, but terrible in practice because you’d always forget them at home. It’s basically the same concept, but in app form. On your phone that you never leave at home.  A lot of the restaurants I already frequent offer deals through the app, so it was a natural fit to start using it. If you’d like to give it a go, use code FOODIEFRIEND for $10 off your subscription. 

Most of the deals are through quick-serve restaurants, but there are some fancy-pants places like Bona Vita, Oak Wood Fire Kitchen and… my new favorite, The Wild Rose, that include great deals on there, too. 

Last Friday Chris and I got the chance to try out The Wild Rose for the first time. It was a fantastic experience. We felt thoroughly spoiled with the great service, crisp linens and delicious menu. 

It may not look like much, but the butter on the house-made bread rocked my world. I need to go back just for this butter. 

Our experience has me aching to make some gourmet ice cream and a chocolate ganache torte. Doesn’t it look amazing? Well, it tasted amazing. 

We had a fantastic time, I’ve written a yelp review about it here. Have you gone on a date night lately? If you’re in the Salt Lake area, check out my Instagram for a $50 giveaway to The Wild Rose! Feel free to use code FOODIEFRIEND for $10 off your yearly subscription to Favorite Eats. Enjoy! 

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