T-Shirt Refashion: Jersey Necklace


Sometimes I feel like I ride on the coattails of creative people.

Back in January as I was surfing my favorite blogs, I came across this post on Ultra Vroom about cardigans and fabric necklaces. I instantly fell in love and had to have a fabric necklace for my very own. I week or so later I remembered the large stash of white jersey hanging around the basement and hap-hazardly made my own version of Annie‘s fabric necklace.

If I remember correctly, I wore that necklace for 4 days in a row. I didn’t really take it off until Penelope bumped her mouth on the table and bled all over me (Penelope is ok, BTW). It was with much sorrow that I parted with the necklace long enough to launder it.

I love my necklace so much, I’ve been wanting to share it with you for sometime, but haven’t worked on the tutorial until just now. Here it is! I hope you like it.


  • 1 XXL or XXXL men’s t-shirt
  • Scissors and/or rotary cutter
  • Sewing machine and or needle & thread

Cut off the bottom hem of the shirt. Cut 9 2-inch strips out of the shirt.

Cut open one end of each strip. Stretch the jersey through your hands to allow the fabric to curl inside itself. Group strips into threes.

Sew coiled ends together. Secure the end to a stationary object (like a couch) with a safety pin. Start braiding. I find that a tight braid looks nice, but avoid pulling and stretching the fabric.

Once finished braiding, sew ends together to make three separate rings of fabric.

Cut a 5 x 7 inch square of fabric from the remainder of the shirt, fold it over the three braids and sew. Sew the tube as close to the braids as possible for a snug fit. Trim excess fabric. Turn right side out.

Voila! Your necklace is complete. Twist, and double over and you’re ready to rock and roll!

If you twist the loop twice before doubling over, the necklace looks like this (above).

Twist the necklace once before doubling over and pull some loops longer to have a cowl neckline (above).

So there you have it, in less than 15 minutes you can have a really rad fabric necklace ’round your neck. Hope you give it a try! Happy Weekend, All!

P.S. You might want to check out Annie’s etsy shoppe: Annily Green.

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    1. Alicia says:

      Super-cool. My teen girls are going to LOVE this!

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    3. erin says:

      This is probably the best tutorial i’ve ever seen. thank you! wonderfully done and i can’t wait to make this…on my way to goodwill now to buy some extra large shirts!

    4. Eva says:

      Very creative indeed!

      I’ve seen a couple of refashioned apparels in the recent past and this tops the list.

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    6. alanay says:

      nefis olmu?.bravoo!

    7. Lashley says:

      Very simple and pretty! I’m curious how it might look using a shirt with a logo/print on it. Probably worth a thrift store trip to find out!

    8. ooverhaul says:

      Check out my version of the jersey necklace :D

      Operation Overhaul

    9. syd says:

      love it.

      – s

    10. Eva says:

      how could i make the same thing but as a bracelet? my wrist is really small (a 11 year old on the smaller side can wrap her thumb and index finger around it). i do want it a little bigger than my wrist, so what do you think? please email me.

    11. celeee says:

      you can also use these as headbands!

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    14. Loore says:

      I shared your tutorial on my blog. I find it amazing!
      Greetings from Spain!

    15. Isabella says:

      They’re pretty :) :D

      I made a list of DIY ideas on my blog <3
      You're in it, hope thats okay :)

    16. Isabella says:

      I made a list of DIY ideas on my blog <3
      You're in it, hope thats okay :)

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    18. Ginny says:

      what a great tutorial! i love reconstructing boring t-shirts into something fabulous like this. a necklace?!?! great idea. like it so much, i ended up including it on my blog… http://darlingadventures.com/?p=574

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    21. Paula says:

      Hi, how can I follow you??

    22. Trina says:

      Is there anyway to make a bracelet using this technique?? What would be the measurements?
      Ah it’d just be so cute if I could make a bracelet like this

    23. Kerry says:

      Great idea!! We always get HUGE tshirts at NY Rangers games. I made my latest freebie into a necklace for tonights’ playoff game. Now I feel supportive AND stylish!

    24. sherry says:

      thanks for the super easy to follow instructions, ? just going to work

    25. sherry says:

      thanks for the super easy to follow instructions, ? just going to work

    26. LOVE your blog and LOVE this idea of bracelets, so SO creative!


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    29. vicki says:

      very impressed with your creativity, thankyou for the ideas. Love the necklace!

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    31. Jeanne says:

      Soo cute ! I don’t have access to a sewing machine so I
      braided and just notted the end. I also incorporated some beads I had into the braid, Looks great, fun fun fun, thanks

    32. Jewelry Rage says:

      I love it! Thanks for the instructional.

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    34. Kat says:

      AMAZING idea!! Love your blog <3 xo


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    38. Zoe says:

      This craft is totally awesome! I am going to give this to someone!

    39. Zoe says:

      This was totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You HAVE to try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    40. Sophie says:

      This is supper cute, but I think that it would make a great headband vs a necklace

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    43. Cynthia DeLong says:

      I might try to play with the lengths & make a headband.

    44. Fresh Trash says:

      Hi. I love this elegant idea, so I linked it on my recycle-upcycle blog, I hope you don’t mind.
      I’ll continue to sniff around, in search for other great ideas!
      Have a nice day!

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    46. gretchen says:

      I love this idea!! I made three and wear them all the time. I blogged about it as well–http://glitterrs.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/t-shirt-repurposingnecklaces.html

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