Thrifty & Chic: Striped Skirt


This post is brought to you by DownEast Basics.

DownEast Basics sent me some cute new clothes to review this week. I didn’t think they would show up as fast as they did, but sure enough, I was able to sport my new skirt and fancy bracelet at church last Sunday. I think I looked pretty snazzy.

Outfit details:

Top: Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: DownEast Basics
Skirt: DownEast Basics
Shoes: Sesto Meucci, thrifted

I’ve got two words for this outfit: nautical & patriotic. I’m not sure it’s possible to wear true blue and white without pairing it with another primary color. Are you the same way? I have a pair of gold heels that I think would go marvelously with this skirt. I may just have to wear this skirt two Sundays in a row. Gasp!

Here’s what I love about this skirt: it’s form-fitting in all the right places, the waist is high, the skirt is straight, it’s fully lined, and it shows just a little leg. I’m not sure it’ll be a summer staple because I’m notoriously terrible with anything white, but this will be in pretty quick rotation guaranteed.

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    1. Nora says:

      I LOVE their accessories! I would choose the tutu cute bag! Love the ruffles!

    2. Amanda says:

      It is so hard to pick only one! Swimsuits, Skirts, handbags, dresses, and MORE!!
      Mediterranean swim, please……. oh, or the Boutique bag….
      Thanks for the chance to win :)

    3. kelly o says:

      I really like the “not a cloud in the sky” dress. It’s got such a pretty color to it!

    4. Julie R says:

      love the Sunday Best or Oceanfront Dresses…after having baby #3 this summer, i’d love some dresses that would flow and hide my tummy. :)

    5. Katie says:

      Tough choice, but I’m thinking the Breathtaking Beauty Skirt would be quite nice!

    6. Daniela says:

      I loved all of their dresses. The skirts are all great, and look like they are appropriate length, which is really important to me. I loved the polka dot skirt (it was light blue).

    7. Nancy Randle says:

      I LOVE the Not a Cloud in the Sky dress. It is beautiful. The color, waistline… so pretty.

    8. Jenn says:

      Only one?? I think I will be making a stop into the DownEast Home store in Idaho Falls this weekend and snagging some goodies. This store has come such a long way from basic camis and tees (which are awesome).
      If I had to chose just ONE thing to win, it would be the Real Romance Bag. Too cute and something I could/use wear everyday :)

    9. Katie says:

      LOVE Down East and I am love with your outfit!! I want the skirt and the bracelet…now to find the perfect shirt!

    10. Jessica says:

      I love the He Loves Me dress and the Spring A Ding Ding Skirt, both are adorable!

    11. Megan says:

      I love the all hands on deck skirt in yellow!

    12. Emily says:

      I love the “Not a Cloud in the Sky” dress. Coverage is perfect, mid-knee length and a pleasant scoop neck which doesn’t reveal any cleavage. I also love the color and the white trim!

    13. Amy P. says:

      I love the “Fab Flower Hobo”. So cute and feminine!!!

    14. Liz Day says:

      A new dress would be wonderful! I’m always coveting stuff of their site. Here’s for hopin’!

    15. Marci J says:

      I love love love the summer storm dress! Beautiful! Fingers crossed!

    16. Teri says:

      The Lots of dots skirt and I need a yellow necklace!

      Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the giveaway!

    17. Kathleen says:

      I love that outfit on you…you always pull together such cool stuff.

      I have my eye on the Lots of Dots skirt!

    18. Amy O. says:

      I love the Spring Scarf Cardigan. It looks perfect to put on over any tank top for extra coverage and a frilly feminine look!

    19. Dani says:

      Oh my! The bracelet in your post or the Salor Knot bag.. I JUST CANT CHOOSE!!

    20. Lacretia says:

      I LOVE the Breathtaking Beauty skirt! A pop of color in just the right pattern! I’m in love with florals right now! Thanks for hosting this!

    21. gina says:

      I would love the Awesome Blossom Dress!

    22. Sheryl says:

      I just LOOOVE the Cupid Cardigan!

    23. Denise says:

      I love the Platinum Jeans, they are so cute. Dark Denim makes me happy.

    24. Catherine T says:

      I’m quite fond of the Pearl & Flower Necklace. It’s very Great Gatsby-esque.

    25. Heather HS says:

      Love the “Not a Cloud in the Sky” dress!

    26. Lisa says:

      I like their suits! (of the swim variety)

    27. Dana R says:

      Definitely the He Loves Me dress. So pretty!

    28. Amy says:

      I love the Ocean Front Dress! It looks so comfy!

    29. rebecca says:

      i really love the panther cuff! what an affordable website and great giveaway! thanks!

    30. brandi g says:

      i think the longitude cardigan is exactly what i’ve been looking for! i keep saying i need a great white sweater and the beautiful wooden buttons and gathering on the sleeves make it adorable.

    31. I saw the Mellow Yellow Union Square top in the store a little while ago and loved it, but haven’t made it back to buy it yet. :) I love how flowy and comfy it looks – but if I wore it, I would still look put together. Love shirts like that.

    32. Bren says:

      I’m loving the Outside the Box Top in lilac ash!

    33. Brittany says:

      LOVE the Le Petit linen dress! I really want something from Down East to wear on my hot date with my hubby to celebrate our 5 amazing years!

    34. Lisa says:

      Their designs are great! I love the Summer Storm Dress!

    35. tawnya says:

      I LOVE their maxi skirts…

    36. Liz says:

      The Summer Storm Dress is super cute!

    37. Emily H. says:

      I love the Free Form Skirt. So bright and cheery!

    38. lise says:

      I’m not generally a skirt-wearing person, but I’m loving the Spring A Ding Ding Skirt.

    39. shawn says:

      that falling star skirt has patch pockets! swoon! nothing’s better than being able to go out dressed cutely without having to carry a bag.

    40. Dejah says:

      I want the Razzleberry skirt; so pretty.

    41. Carrie says:

      I live in WA and absolutely love the Downeast Line! My favorite item would have to be the Riviera Tank in the swimsuits. Okay so I ordered it and it was defective but amazingly I still loved it! The problem is currently being addressed. But seriously ladies this swim top is the best ever!!! If you’ve had babies and nursed them you can imagine what happens to the “ladies” (TMI?). This top totally makes you feel adorable!

    42. Katy says:

      So hard to pick my favorite!!! I love the Longitude Cardigan and the Crystal Clear Skirt…ok and the Tulle Flower and Beads Necklace!!! I love everything!!

    43. Ruth says:

      I love the Fab Flower Hobo! So cute & slightly sassy for my new motherhood adventures beginning in July.

    44. shopfreak says:

      Loving the rasta ruffle dress..

    45. Jessica says:

      I love the cupid cardigan! I love how it is light and fluid for summer, and can be paired with a long sleeve undershirt for winter!

    46. FaithJ says:

      I’ll take the Razzleberry skirt, please! Good luck everyone!

    47. Patti says:

      I am loving the Sailor Knot bag. Also, I really need a red purse!

    48. Chrissee says:

      I absolutely love the “Hello Dottie Skirt”! I love the colors and pattern. What a great summer skirt!

    49. Hannah says:

      I love the Fab Flower Hobo bag! I usually don’t go for such a bright bag but it is just so cute :)

    50. I am in love with the “Not a cloud in the sky” dress. Love it!

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