Thrifty & Chic: Striped Skirt


This post is brought to you by DownEast Basics.

DownEast Basics sent me some cute new clothes to review this week. I didn’t think they would show up as fast as they did, but sure enough, I was able to sport my new skirt and fancy bracelet at church last Sunday. I think I looked pretty snazzy.

Outfit details:

Top: Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: DownEast Basics
Skirt: DownEast Basics
Shoes: Sesto Meucci, thrifted

I’ve got two words for this outfit: nautical & patriotic. I’m not sure it’s possible to wear true blue and white without pairing it with another primary color. Are you the same way? I have a pair of gold heels that I think would go marvelously with this skirt. I may just have to wear this skirt two Sundays in a row. Gasp!

Here’s what I love about this skirt: it’s form-fitting in all the right places, the waist is high, the skirt is straight, it’s fully lined, and it shows just a little leg. I’m not sure it’ll be a summer staple because I’m notoriously terrible with anything white, but this will be in pretty quick rotation guaranteed.

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    1. becky says:

      the water color top is great! love the colors!

    2. […] I really like the pattern on the dress on the right. Super cool, hu? Hope you have a happy weekend! Enter in my giveaway if you haven’t already. It ends Monday […]

    3. gwen says:

      LOVE the mediterranean tank swim top.
      la-la-loooooooooove. so cute.

    4. Angie says:

      I love the kaleidoscope top!

    5. Nikki says:

      I like the Le Petit Linen Dress! You look great Melissa!

    6. marissa says:

      the “he loves me” dress is so pretty!

    7. Amber says:

      I like the oceanfront dress!

    8. Shaela says:

      I love Downeast!! And I am coveting the Not a Cloud in the Sky dress… so pretty and light for spring!

    9. Ronda says:

      I really like the Romantic Rope Tote. I love Downeast! I love the skirts that they have.

    10. Anne says:

      Wow, Downeast has so many more things to love than tees and camis! I love the Still Life skirt. Cute pattern, awesome colors, high-waisted and it has pockets. What more could you ask for? (P.S. I like your blog. I’ve been following you for a little bit and you’ve given me ideas!)

    11. Rebekah says:

      I love the Breathtaking Beauty Skirt! And I love your outfit!

    12. Anna says:

      I’m loving the Lots of Dots Skirt! Too cute!

    13. Reez says:

      I love the May Day skirt with the foldover waist band – might have to take advantage of the free shipping and get that one!

    14. Kathryn C says:

      I’m loving the Pearl and Flower necklace- and wow such great prices!! How’s the quality?

    15. Liz says:

      I love the Oceanfront dress. So beachy and comfy-looking!

    16. sherry says:

      OOHH -the not a cloud in the sky dress would be perfect for a wedding I’m attending!

      LOVE IT! Thanks for a great giveaway!

    17. Jen says:

      I love the Kaleidoscope Top in the black and white print!

    18. Michelle says:

      I love all of their dresses – Not a Cloud in the Sky is my favorite.

    19. Stephanie says:

      I was partial to the summer storm dress

    20. Alyse says:

      I love the short sleve cardigan in gray! Super cute and simple, yet will go with anything!!! I will keep my fingers crossed! Thanks!

    21. Hailee says:

      I love EVERYTHING from Down East!!!! They rock! Their swimsuits are fantastic and they are comfortable too! The cami’s are great too. And don’t get me started on the skirts!!! I only wish there was a store closer to home. :(

    22. Melanie says:

      I’m loving the razzleberry skirt and the made in the shade dress.

    23. […] too much, I might post a link to the video. Don’t forget! Today is the last day to enter the DownEast Basics giveaway. They just got a bunch of new arrivals in their shop, so you should check those out, and then enter […]

    24. Amanda says:

      Too much awesome to choose just one! But alas… I’ll have to commit… I LOVE the skirt you chose – so All Hand’s on Deck it is for me!

    25. Tamara says:

      I just bought their Fresh Flowers maxi dress in black and LOVE it! It looks equally fantastic with flip flops at the park or heels, belt and accessories for church or going out. And so comfortable and flattering. I just saw some new additions- the Not a Cloud in the Sky dress might need to be coming here too! Thanks for the giveaway!

    26. I love their jeans, the green and blue swim suit. The long skirt… I basically love everything!

    27. christina says:

      i have been DYING over the grey cupid cardigan since it first came out. it’s the perfect thing to put over a t-shirt in the summer to spice up an outfit.

      (fingers crossed!)

    28. Jan says:

      I like the May Flower Dress :) I really like the long dresses but the ones I’ve seen have tube tops or something so I wouldn’t be able to wear them without a t-shirt (that’s sweltering and sometimes funny looking). This dress solves that problem :)


      I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win…..

    29. Amy says:

      I love the Key Lime skirt, so cute!

    30. Dana Beth says:

      the kaliadascope top – is so freaking cute!!

    31. Skye says:

      I would love to win the Turquoise & Crystal Ring. ( It would really complement a white coral and turquoise necklace I’m wearing to my graduation this coming Saturday! I’ve been looking for another piece to wear with it that won’t compete with it, but will round out the color palette. This would be great.

      In other news, the coupon code doesn’t appear to be working anymore. :(

    32. Kalleen says:

      I love everything, it’s so overwhelming to pick one thing. I especially love all the dresses. I think sunshine and rainbows is my favorite.

    33. Jenn says:

      Um, hello beautiful jewelry! Just in time for mother’s day. The dog ring is calling my name.

    34. Autumn says:

      I love their dresses! I really want the Sunshine & Rainbows dress, or the Ruffled Around the Edges Dress…hope those are in soooon.

    35. Kathy R says:

      I had never heard of Downeast Basics before, what a great line. I like the Stroke of Art skirt the most I think. May have to place an order with your free shipping code before the end of the month. Thanks for the giveaway.

    36. Tiffany says:

      Thank you for introducing me to their site, they have many nice things. I really like the All Hands on Deck skirt along with many other items. Thanks for the chance.

    37. Sarah says:

      I clicked the link, saw the homepage and was immediately taken with the bodega bikini bottoms and the sailor button details paired with the oceanside tank. Classic, simple and well edited details are much appreciated. I wish the suit came in more colors!

    38. Diana says:

      I’m really fond of the “Breathtaking Beauty” skirt.

    39. I just love DownEast Basics. I am in love with all of their dresses. I really LOVE the Sunshine and Rainbows dress. I NEED it! oh, I really like the Crochet Cardigan too.

    40. Amber says:

      I love the TuTu Cute Bag. Feminine and so unique.

    41. Lauren says:

      I love the blue petal skirt!! AND the braided necklace that you have. AND the Sausalito Halter.

    42. Christy says:

      I want that necklace you wore in the taped piece! Gorgeous!

    43. Emily says:

      Love the Hello Dottie skirt. Might get it!

    44. Christina says:

      Your outfit is gorgeous. I def love the red shoes with it!!! I am in love with the summer storm dress…

    45. Elizabeth says:

      I love everything from DownEast Basics! Right now I’m loving the Breathtaking Beauty skirt, but really, everything they have is fabulous!

    46. Valerie says:

      Loving the graceful drifts top!

    47. Kristen says:

      He Loves Me dress, Le Petit Linen dress, most of the “tops”, pearl and stone necklace. How great is this site?!

    48. Nancy says:

      The May Flower dress is so fun. I’m digging the long long dresses.

    49. Naomi says:

      I love the May Flowers dress but I’m not sure I could pull off the maxi length. So I would pick the May Day skirt!

    50. Mandi C says:

      I want the All Hands on Deck skirt real bad!

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