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Kid-friendly Elasticized Sneakers DIY


Penelope starts Kindergarten officially on Monday. We’re all thrilled about this transition. She is ready to face the big wide world of school.


It’s been fun to make and buy school clothes for her. I haven’t been very adventurous in the buying department, sticking to Walmart and Target for the essentials. It’s not like it matters. Yet.

I found these cute sneakers for $5, but they had white laces in them. White laces get dingy and Penelope’s not quite ready to tie her own shoes yet. So I replaced the laces with some fancy-pants elastic. I just threaded the holes and sewed the two ends together. Boom. Done. She’s ready to slip these on and off at a moment’s notice. You can do it too! Try out a cute fold over elastic
or a picot elastic.

Next up: the backpack. We had a fun conversation in the car about what kind of backpack she should get. I think we’ve got a fun little craft project up our sleeves. Looking forward to sharing her creativity with you soon.

What preparations have you been working on for the school year? Any fun crafty projects?

Thrifty: Leather Sandals


It’s been some time since I’ve posted any of my thrifty finds. Living on top of a mountain hasn’t really lent itself towards impromptu thrift store excursions. Seriously it’s been months since I’ve been anywhere to shop besides the grocery store!


I found these adorable fisherman sandals (I call them Jesus sandals, anyone else?)  for $10 just outside of a great Mexican restaurant on Friday night. A couple of adorable women were closing up shop but stayed open for an extra 20 minutes so I could figure out what size to get for Felix. Of course the size they recommended was spot on.

I want to see Felix toddling around in these so bad! He’s slowly taking steps between Chris and me, but he’s still so far off from walking on his own. It’s certainly a source of frustration, but I’ll take every micro-milestone I can get.


I bought so much fabric and talked so much, I am utterly exhausted from my fabric shopping whirlwind weekend. Things have been really quiet around the blog front, but I’ve got a full week queued up already. And I can’t wait to get my hands on the piles of fabric I just bought, you’ll be seeing more than a few sewing projects around here, too.

Thrifty: Leather Kicks


I took the kids to the thrift store yesterday while we were down the mountain. It’s been about 2 months since I stepped into a thrift store, and I’ve missed the thrill of the hunt. I’m feeling a bit rusty, too. How does that work?

I still found some great deals. I bought Penelope some practically never-been-worn soccer cleats and felix some brand, spanking new leather stride rites. These shoes aren’t much to look at design wise, but they’re well made and they provide great support for helping him walk.

This little dude is now 17 months. I can’t believe it. He still seems like a baby to me with his continued love for cuddling and lack of motivation to walk. It’s hard not to get frustrated that he’s not developing as quickly as I would like, but I’ve got to enjoy each phase while it lasts. I know he won’t want to cuddle with me forever.

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Thrifty: Shoes & White Balance


Yesterday I talked a bit about how I need to go out of my comfort zone a bit more when it comes to clothing. I do have some pretty awesome out-there clothes.

Like these shoes for example. Sarah thrifted them and gave them to me. They’re ridiculous and awesome at the same time. They’re also pretty dang comfortable, yet I’ve only dared to wear them once. I’m definitely going to wear them again and show you. Promise.

Also, have you noticed the all-over-the-place white balance around here? Maybe I’m the only one that’s bothered by it? Well, I lost the white insert to my Balens cap, so I’ve been winging it. Until today, when a nice package arrived on my doorstep. I ordered a really cheap white balance lens cap
from Amazon for $11. I highly recommend it.

The white balance on this sucker is a bit blue. But I think I’m okay with it (this is straight out of the camera). Thoughts?

Have you found any cheap tools that have changed your life? I’d love to hear about them.

Thrifty: White and NOT boring


This post is brought to you by Tai Pan Trading.

I’m currently working on de-cluttering my house. This has been a mission for a few years now. In my quest to de-clutter and add special items for serving, entertaining and everyday use; I decided that I’m going to take an all-white approach.

My plates, bowls, servingware and some cups are all white. They vary in shape and style, and sometimes vary in type of white, but all together, they look really nice together. I’m not a straight-out-of-the-box kind of gal, so I like to find special pieces to match my house anywhere. And I do look from Crate and Barrel down to thrift stores.

Just recently I scored this fantastic (and quite large) ceramic pitcher for $5 (no coupons involved, either) at Tai Pan. I believe it holds about 2.5 quarts. That’s big and cheap in my opinion.

I’ve curated a round up of a few of my favorite white things from around the web, and featuring them over at These picks are well under $100, save for a few (albeit gorgeous) exceptions. I hope you check them out. 

So, do you have a go-to color like white? Mine used to be black, way back in my college days.

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