Kid-friendly Elasticized Sneakers DIY


Penelope starts Kindergarten officially on Monday. We’re all thrilled about this transition. She isĀ ready to face the big wide world of school.


It’s been fun to make and buy school clothes for her. I haven’t been very adventurous in the buying department, sticking to Walmart and Target for the essentials. It’s not like it matters. Yet.

I found these cute sneakers for $5, but they had white laces in them. White laces get dingy and Penelope’s not quite ready to tie her own shoes yet. So I replaced the laces with some fancy-pants elastic. I just threaded the holes and sewed the two ends together. Boom. Done. She’s ready to slip these on and off at a moment’s notice. You can do it too! Try out a cute fold over elastic
or a picot elastic.

Next up: the backpack. We had a fun conversation in the car about what kind of backpack she should get. I think we’ve got a fun little craft project up our sleeves. Looking forward to sharing her creativity with you soon.

What preparations have you been working on for the school year? Any fun crafty projects?

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    1. Jams says:

      Did you sew the elastic with your machine?

    2. Kimber C says:

      melissa, this is genius! i can’t wait to see more of the fun school year projects.

      ps i love your blog, i never comment enough. i took your calligraphy class in your home a few years back and just love all that you do!

    3. phil says:

      if only i was a girl ….

    4. kathy says:

      What a great idea, and I don’t think you have to be small to use that. I personally hate to untie and tie my shoes, and this will be the perfect solutions to turning them into slip-ons!

    5. Maria says:

      What a great idea! I will try this out with my nieces & nephew.

    6. Irish Attic says:

      I’ve been wrestling with a pair of Keds trying to hand-stitch elastic behind the tongue so that they’ll stay on without the laces. Who knew the solution was so simple!

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