Thrifty: Leather Kicks


I took the kids to the thrift store yesterday while we were down the mountain. It’s been about 2 months since I stepped into a thrift store, and I’ve missed the thrill of the hunt. I’m feeling a bit rusty, too. How does that work?

I still found some great deals. I bought Penelope some practically never-been-worn soccer cleats and felix some brand, spanking new leather stride rites. These shoes aren’t much to look at design wise, but they’re well made and they provide great support for helping him walk.

This little dude is now 17 months. I can’t believe it. He still seems like a baby to me with his continued love for cuddling and lack of motivation to walk. It’s hard not to get frustrated that he’s not developing as quickly as I would like, but I’ve got to enjoy each phase while it lasts. I know he won’t want to cuddle with me forever.

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    1. Heather L says:

      Just delurking to share that my older daughter was 20 months when she learned to walk…a month before my younger one was born! I wasn’t worried since I didn’t know any different. I think it was all a matter of personality…she’s super easy going and was just happy enough that if something was out of reach…”eh, didn’t want it that badly”. Also, she’s cautious in nature and I think really wanted to master the skill when she was ready, not run along and fall because she didn’t know what she was doing. She’s now 5 and her confidence and perseverance in trying new things is growing all the time. (my second daughter, the one with a twinkle in her eye, walked at 12 months and is much more of a daredevil. There’s good things in both personalities I think!). All the best!

    2. phil says:

      cool shoes :-)

    3. Sarah says:

      Down, the mountain? Where are you at now? I found a great thrift store in springville called pak rats. It’s on state just past the cemetery.

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