Thrifty: Leather Sandals


It’s been some time since I’ve posted any of my thrifty finds. Living on top of a mountain hasn’t really lent itself towards impromptu thrift store excursions. Seriously it’s been months since I’ve been anywhere to shop besides the grocery store!


I found these adorable fisherman sandals (I call them Jesus sandals, anyone else?)  for $10 just outside of a great Mexican restaurant on Friday night. A couple of adorable women were closing up shop but stayed open for an extra 20 minutes so I could figure out what size to get for Felix. Of course the size they recommended was spot on.

I want to see Felix toddling around in these so bad! He’s slowly taking steps between Chris and me, but he’s still so far off from walking on his own. It’s certainly a source of frustration, but I’ll take every micro-milestone I can get.


I bought so much fabric and talked so much, I am utterly exhausted from my fabric shopping whirlwind weekend. Things have been really quiet around the blog front, but I’ve got a full week queued up already. And I can’t wait to get my hands on the piles of fabric I just bought, you’ll be seeing more than a few sewing projects around here, too.

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    1. Grace says:

      Where is that fabric store? I am just dying to know!

    2. Lindsay says:

      I love the sandals! Hopefully Felix loves them too. :)

    3. Anna says:

      I know you mentioned a while ago that you thought you had found the reason Felix wasn’t walking or talking yet. Do you mind sharing that? My niece is a non-verbal toddler and I wonder if it may be the same thing.

    4. Katie says:

      Adorable jesus shoes. You briefly mentioned that you were taking Felix to a new specialist a few weeks ago. Did you get any answers? No pressure to share, just curious about an update.

    5. Sabra says:

      Cutest sandals ever. And such a steal. The pair I bought my daughter are on the small side. We’ll probably only get a few weeks of wear out of them. But that just means I need to go back and pick up another soon, right?! :)

    6. maddie says:

      Jesus shoes! Ha. That’s what my dad calls them.

    7. jessaca says:

      So sweet! My son was a late walker. We had to do therapy with him and he still has some eating issues as well. Just wanted to let you know I understand the frustration!

    8. Bethany says:

      I love those sandals! It was so amazing meeting you. I hope I get to see you again sooner, rather than later.

    9. Sara Tagami says:

      I’m raising my hand., i’m calling it Jesus’ sandals too ;) my father has a leather sandals that looks like this one and I do love stealing it from his closet and wearing them .,^_^ ., a staple in summer.,

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