Thrifty: Shoes & White Balance


Yesterday I talked a bit about how I need to go out of my comfort zone a bit more when it comes to clothing. I do have some pretty awesome out-there clothes.

Like these shoes for example. Sarah thrifted them and gave them to me. They’re ridiculous and awesome at the same time. They’re also pretty dang comfortable, yet I’ve only dared to wear them once. I’m definitely going to wear them again and show you. Promise.

Also, have you noticed the all-over-the-place white balance around here? Maybe I’m the only one that’s bothered by it? Well, I lost the white insert to my Balens cap, so I’ve been winging it. Until today, when a nice package arrived on my doorstep. I ordered a really cheap white balance lens cap
from Amazon for $11. I highly recommend it.

The white balance on this sucker is a bit blue. But I think I’m okay with it (this is straight out of the camera). Thoughts?

Have you found any cheap tools that have changed your life? I’d love to hear about them.

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    1. phil says:

      get a holga , maybe you won t have anymore white balance problems ;-)

    2. Amy R says:

      Have you heard of Lightscoop? I’m not a photographer but I read Chez Larsson’s blog and she has one and loves it.

      (not affiliated)

    3. A wall hook….technically not a tool. But it forevermore ended the frantic searching for keys!

      Old English scratch cover for dark woods. Can’t sing its praises enough. haha

    4. Alysa says:

      The white balance in my pictures have been driving me crazy lately. That $11 lens sounds just about perfect. Might have to pick one up. Thanks for the tip.

    5. linda says:

      white balance? I’m interested in the shoes! I love them, and I would totally wear them. I can’t balance on a pair of heels, so this wild lace-ups suit me fine. Love ’em!

    6. Another vote for the Lightscoop!

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