Guest: DIY Chalkboard Signage


I’m over at Make and Takes today sharing this mindlessly easy tutorial on how to make a little chalkboard wreath/plaque for your door. Perfect for being festive fore every holiday.

So, Nikki left a chalkboard stand behind for us when they moved. I’ve had it on the front porch since we’ve moved in (sometimes the wind blows it over), but I like to put random phrases on it. When people in the neighborhood ask where I live, they usually get where when I say “the house with the chalkboard sign in front.” It’s fun to have random phrases on the front porch. What silly phrases or words would you display on your front porch if you had a similar sign?

Head over to Make and Takes for the full tutorial. 

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    1. I love chalkboard DIY stuff. That looks cute :)

    2. Noor says:

      Oh that is super cute. I love something minimal with the chalkboard stuff but some people are doing way to much to the point of being tacky lol.

    3. Linda says:

      The chalkboard on the outside of my front door says “NO ADMITTANCE midnight to
      6 a.m.*
      *Excludes ninjas and my mother.”

    4. Lindsay says:

      This is such a cute idea! I’ll have to get my husband to make me one, since I’m not allowed near power tools. Or knives. I’m too klutzy.

    5. […] love the holidays, but I don’t want to do a thing for them. I’ve got my BOO sign out front and some random gourds; and that’s all I want to […]

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