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This post is brought to you by Ruche.

I’m feeling pretty good about my post-partum body even though I’m 15 lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. Scales are stupid, you know that? Some days I’m really happy with where things are and other days I’m just miserable & prickly. The reason? I don’t always wear clothes that fit. Which leads to the post-partum clothing conundrum. . . Do I buy new clothes or do I wait until my clothes fit?

I always like buying new clothes; but if I’m going to lose the weight eventually, I don’t want to invest in a garment that won’t fit in the future. Then again, if I don’t buy clothes that fit me now, I’d just hide my unbuttoned jeans under an uncomfortably tight shirt and ultimately be unhappy with my body. It’d be great if I could get back to my pre-pregnancy size because I have a lot of clothes that I’d like to wear again. But they’re just clothes. For now, it’s more important that I eat right & like the body that I have right now. Not last year.

Since Felix, I’ve bought a few new things and kept a few pregnancy clothes in the rotation. This method has been pretty good thus far, but perhaps a bit boring with the only two pairs of pants that fit. Ruche offered to send me a little something last month, so when I was browsing their items I immediately gravitated towards their tiered lace skirt. It’s adorable, whimsical & has an elastic waist. It’s the perfect garment that will be able to fit me now and if I end up losing any weight. It’s adorable & super feminine. I’ve worn it a few different ways & thought I would share those with you:


With the spring weather this week, I couldn’t help but wear this skirt with some sandals & a casual top.


I love that this skirt is transitional. I’ve got the summer look at the top, then this above, more wintery look. I wore this to my friend’s wedding reception. I liked wearing the bold, dark tights with such a light & airy skirt. Contrast is fun.

undefined This is what I wore to church a few Sundays ago. It’s a little more romantic. I thought it’d be fun to wear it with all similar tones for a monochromatic look. I think the next time I’ll wear this outfit with coral lipstick and maybe a bright necklace for a little pop.

I’ve loved wearing this skirt. The soft elastic waistband is incredibly comfortable, which makes me feel good about myself. Thanks, Ruche, for sending it my way!


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    1. Katri says:

      I’m loving stripes right now so I like the gondola romance ruffle top! cute :)

      Cardigans and Cookie Dough

    2. I love their flowery spring dresses!

    3. Dianne says:

      I love their little bunny paperclips–ridiculously adorable! All of their wedges are great, too; I’ve totally been on a wedge kick lately. And even though it’s out of stock, I can’t get this dress out of my head: ;D

    4. Tessa says:

      I love love love the “beautiful chaos strapless dress.” Such beautiful colors for spring/summer!


      I like the the perfect moment lace belted dress.
      It’s divine:)

    6. Alex says:

      There are so many amazing pieces at Ruche but I would have to go for the Sending My Love floral appliqué dress – it would be perfect for the weather in Australia at the moment because it is summery enough for those warmer Autumn days and then when it gets a bit colder id pair it would stockings and boots and a cute cardy. Find it here

    7. liz says:

      oh i love ruche so much!

      the royal treatment blue scalloped dress is to die for!

      thank you so much for the opportunity!
      and for the record, you look great – i’d never know you’ve just had a baby!

    8. ruth schultz says:

      Oh, so many to choose. i need me some chelsea crew red cutout shoes.

    9. Evee M says:

      My favorite is the Pretty in Paisley Maxi Skirt. I love the bohemian/seventies vibe I’ve been seeing lately!

    10. melanie says:

      i love their ‘amazed by you’ light zip-up jacket. so cute for spring, and i love that it’s cropped! would go so well with a floral dress.

    11. Vanessa says:

      My favourite newer item from Ruche is the enjoying the coffeehouse art pocket dress… adorable!! Orders from them have never failed to impress me :)

    12. Miriam says:

      I love this skirt:

      The elastic waistband makes is a great transitional piece!

    13. Jen Burleigh says:

      This gem ( would cover a multitude of sins, be it too many late night chocolates and wines, a pms day, or a saggy baby body…and to top it all off you would look a little bit like that pre-motherhood lady of style that we once were (or at least thought we were)!! I am onto bub number four, so i need all your style tips and then some :o)
      Jen x

    14. Emma says:

      The ‘I Like the Way You Smile’ dress is perfect for spring. After this dreary winter I think a burst of cheerful colour is precisely what is needed!

    15. jaime says:

      I would get that skirt you are wearing. I love it!!!

    16. icitea/clare says:

      hm… many maxi dresses? I need more transitional clothes as well…

      Loving the soft allure lace strapless dress on ruche!

    17. Maria Anne says:

      I know it’s not really a post-partom at all, but i love the “Love Boat” purse! so cute.
      I also love the cheery yellow “pick me up love” mustard tank!!
      xoxo maria

    18. Courtney says:

      The “You Make Me Blush” dress is a perfect summer dress! I love the detail and the color :)

    19. ira lee says:

      yeah, i pretty much love everything on this site!!! i would probably get some new shoes!!!

    20. Kelli says:

      I love the Ruche style! It all looks so fresh and fashion forward.The sunshiny morning floral top is super cute and would be a great item to have for postpartum spring! Super light and dressy yet agreeable with a new uber busy lifestyle.

    21. April Judd says:

      I love ruche! I’ve always wanted to order something from there… Obsessed with adding The whimsical whispers floral dress to my spring/ summer wardrobe!

    22. Jacqueline B says:

      Oh wow! I love that skirt! I would have a hard time choosing between the look at the stars lace skirt or the peacock paradise a-line skirt!

    23. Naomi Best says:

      I’m going to be 7 months preggo this summer and have been wanting to buy a sun dress. I think the daisy daze eyelet dress would be the perfect one!!!

    24. Michelle says:

      I love Ruche! I’ve been wanting to get the “love is a dream embroidered” dress.

    25. Monica V says:

      I love, love, love this dress!

      And Melissa, you look wonderful!

    26. tamara says:

      LOVE Ruche! I just had a baby and I think their tops would be PERFECT for my transitional look right now… need to hide the extra belly and the gathered waist tops with fun happy colors (like the sipping tea tunic or the had me at hello top) are just what the doctor ordered!

    27. I love so much of their stuff! That skirt you got is adorable. I would love some skirts like that… and I love this yellow dress but I’d have no where to wear it… I guess I would need to start crashing weddings. :)

    28. Jillian says:

      I really like the “blooming for you” embroidered top ( I love the dolman sleeves and while it may seem strange to suggest a cinched waist, I carry my weight below that magic line so that shape works best for me.

    29. StaceyE says:

      So many pretty things to choose from! I would probably have to pick one of the dresses!

    30. Maggie says:

      I can’t stop drooling over all the strappy heels they have.

    31. I love the Daisy Daze Eyelet Dress. I think it would work for my postpartum body!

    32. Kylie says:

      So many beautiful and feminine tops. I have also been drooling over the shoes and adorable home items. :)

    33. Liz says:

      I like the mint ‘n chips dippin’ dots top. I think it is really cute.

    34. Tamara says:

      Forget clothes, I’m excited to buy some super cute shoes after this baby- when I can see my feet again! I am so totally in love with these shoes:

    35. Valerie says:

      The calming breeze floral ruffle top, is definitely on my wish list! I’ve been eyeing it for some time. I absolutely LOVE Ruche! The clothing is incredible.

    36. Phuong Tran says:

      This “go to” zip hoodie looks super comfy and stylish, and would hide a pre/post pregnancy belly very well.

    37. WOWOW! I love love love Ruche! I actually just got a super fabulous ring from them–I would get these shoes:::

      So fun! Wearing heels always helps me feel better:}

      Thanks for the chance to win! sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

    38. Tori says:

      I love the on a snowy evening rose hem skirt! so beautiful!

    39. Libby Kleyn says:

      All of their floaty tops would look great post partum in my opinion.

      I love the gondola ruffle romance top. Stripes! Not too tight in the belly! Cute neck! Yay!

    40. Virginia says:

      i think the question is more like— is there anything Ruche has that I don’t like?! I love all of their stuff and would LOVE a $40 certificate. I can’t pick just one thing…. but i do especially love all of their jewelry and accessories.

    41. Annie says:

      I love Ruche! I would probably get that skirt since I have some outfit ideas now :) thanks!

    42. Ashley G. says:

      I love the Lisa Mae navy maxi dress! So perfect!

    43. Kimberly C says:

      I like I love skirts. They are so versatile and this one has pockets. who doesn’t like pockets?!

    44. hilary says:

      my closet would be a happier place with the hofstra oxfords!

    45. Renee says:

      You sold me. I am also in the postpartum stage. It might be more like post-postpartum by now, but elastic waistband on an adorable skirt sounds great.

    46. Kat says:

      Ohhh if i win, i would totally pick the goddess in gray strappy heels!

    47. CK says:

      ooo! I’ve checked them out from your blog before! Beautiful style!

    48. ~Heather says:

      That skirt is just amazing, so versatile and looks like it would suit just about anyone and any style.

    49. Morgan says:

      I love the daisy daze eyelet dress. Would be perfect for my upcoming spring shower!

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