One Skirt, Three Ways + Giveaway


This post is brought to you by Ruche.

I’m feeling pretty good about my post-partum body even though I’m 15 lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. Scales are stupid, you know that? Some days I’m really happy with where things are and other days I’m just miserable & prickly. The reason? I don’t always wear clothes that fit. Which leads to the post-partum clothing conundrum. . . Do I buy new clothes or do I wait until my clothes fit?

I always like buying new clothes; but if I’m going to lose the weight eventually, I don’t want to invest in a garment that won’t fit in the future. Then again, if I don’t buy clothes that fit me now, I’d just hide my unbuttoned jeans under an uncomfortably tight shirt and ultimately be unhappy with my body. It’d be great if I could get back to my pre-pregnancy size because I have a lot of clothes that I’d like to wear again. But they’re just clothes. For now, it’s more important that I eat right & like the body that I have right now. Not last year.

Since Felix, I’ve bought a few new things and kept a few pregnancy clothes in the rotation. This method has been pretty good thus far, but perhaps a bit boring with the only two pairs of pants that fit. Ruche offered to send me a little something last month, so when I was browsing their items I¬†immediately¬†gravitated towards their tiered lace skirt. It’s adorable, whimsical & has an elastic waist. It’s the perfect garment that will be able to fit me now and if I end up losing any weight. It’s adorable & super feminine. I’ve worn it a few different ways & thought I would share those with you:


With the spring weather this week, I couldn’t help but wear this skirt with some sandals & a casual top.


I love that this skirt is transitional. I’ve got the summer look at the top, then this above, more wintery look. I wore this to my friend’s wedding reception. I liked wearing the bold, dark tights with such a light & airy skirt. Contrast is fun.

undefined This is what I wore to church a few Sundays ago. It’s a little more romantic. I thought it’d be fun to wear it with all similar tones for a monochromatic look. I think the next time I’ll wear this outfit with coral lipstick and maybe a bright necklace for a little pop.

I’ve loved wearing this skirt. The soft elastic waistband is incredibly comfortable, which makes me feel good about myself. Thanks, Ruche, for sending it my way!


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    1. Sara says:

      This looks like it could accommodate my growing tummy.
      So cute!

    2. i’m loving that skirt! looks so romantic!
      and from the site, i’m totaly in love with the dainty darling open back lace dress. i’ll wear it in the summer and also in the winter, with some bold tights.


    3. allie h. says:

      i just LOVE the across the deep blue sea crossover dress by Tulle!!

    4. jen says:

      I love all the fun floral tops for summer. They make me want to sit in the sun and drink lemonade!

    5. Gretchen says:

      Sipping Tea bib tunic all the way!!! Love your post-partum look, dear! Let’s embrace how are bodies look in all those in-between stages. 8 more weeks for me!!! I would loooooove to win this and make it a part of MY post-partum look! :)

    6. LeAnna says:

      I love their creative jewelry! I think their look-book ideas are fantastic, as well!

    7. Laurie says:

      That is so funny! I’m in the same boat as you, 15lbs too heavy!! I don’t want to get new clothes either.

    8. Janelle Perkins says:

      I think the “take a chance on me” embroidered top would be perfect for my postpartum bod. It’s not too fitted but will still fit when all the weight comes off! It’s lovely.

    9. I love everything from their shop. Seriously. But I’m coveting the “from this moment floral dress” so pretty! so perfect!

    10. Jenna S. says:

      I love the “Finding My Way” printed skirt!

    11. Melissa says:

      Wow – they have so many cool things! I saw a flower fields skirt & a garden sheer tunic that were lovely!

    12. Anne says:

      I love the “janice” wedges – shoes are always flattering :)

    13. Ariel says:

      So many cute things! I am loving the sipping tea bib tunic.

    14. Bmerry says:

      I’ve encountered some weight fluctuation related to an under active thyroid and leggings seem to work well. They have some give and stretch and can be paired with a variety of tops for different looks and different sizes. Anyway, I noticed that Ruche has some faded grey leggings and those would probably work well.

    15. Robyn crockett says:

      I love the chelsea crew malibu brown heels! Soo cute and i’ve had my eyes on them for a while. I love shop ruche!

    16. Lisa Juliet says:

      I love their Here’s To New Journeys Messenger Bag! I’ve always wanted a bag like that!

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