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DIY: Raised Lettering With Glue


I was on local TV show, Studio 5 this week sharing a fun how-to with Elmer’s glue: Raised lettering. It’s really quite addicting and something you can rope your kids into (perfect for a Father’s Day craft). It doesn’t have to be lettering you include on the card, either. Abstract designs really add a lot of depth, too. So any age and skill level could do this craft. But be careful, it could get messy. ;) Here’s the link to the segment if you’d like to take a look!

So here’s what you need: 

Figure out your design. I found the simpler the better. The largest word I was successfully able to write without bleeding and readability issues was “love”. “Hi”, “Hey”, “thx” totally worked. 

Keep your glue bottle about an inch to two inches away. Allowing the steady stream of glue to create smooth curves. Set out in the sun for a couple of hours to dry. I use little porcelain dominoes to keep them from flying away. 

Once the cards are dry, paint overtop! This is super fun because the paint job can be whatever. So include your little ones and do something fun. This is a great way to get them involved in hand-written ‘Thank You’s and perfect for Father’s Day this upcoming weekend. 

Junie got really excited about this project, too. We had a great time disconnecting from screens and making some fun artwork. 

Hope you get around to doing some fun raised cards soon! Feel free to comment below if you did the project. I’d love to see how they turned out. 

This tutorial is free for personal use. Link with love. Thanks! Affiliate links are used.  

Design: We Heart Popsicles


I can’t believe it’s already May and I haven’t shared this little project with you! Back in December, we were unsure of what to do for Chris’s dad for Christmas. He’s a man who has everything, like all dads, no?

Chris randomly came up with the idea of making a website for Cordell (aka popsicles). It’s like a tribute site, complete with his mug and favorite catch phrases. Of course we had to do it in day-glo, because this is no serious project.

So, as you draw on his face, random catch phrases play (catch phrases don’t work on the ipad, but you can still draw). You can choose different colors for drawing and you can also change the size and opacity of the brush. It was very tricky on Chris’s part. I just drew Cordell’s face.

I’m not sure Cordell thought of it as fun or us poking fun at him. It really is the first. Either way, it was a fun project to work on, and it’s fun to doodle. The above reminds me of the silly Capitol people on the Hunger Games (we just watched that last weekend – not as awesome as the book).

Now that Father’s day is the next big thing, what are you going to do for your dad(s) for Father’s day? I’ve got a few ideas brewing.

You are SO Indie Card. . .


Indie Father's Day Card

I’ve been kicking this idea for a card for a while now, and finally I’ve mustered the motivation to do it. Yup, My middle name is procrastination.

I’ve noticed a SERIOUS moustache trend about the internet/indie crowd recently, and I wanted to tell Christopher that he’s a very cool dad. I really made this card just for him, but I’m sure there might be some dads out there that are cool, too. Maybe this would be a good last-minute card. Although I’m giving this card to Chris for father’s day, there’s no reason you couldn’t send a cool man in your life a little love any day of the year.

Click here to download the Father’s day Tri-fold Card

Click here to download the plain “You are so Indie” card


Happy Father’s day, Chris. You’re a wonderful dad.

Father’s Day & Tribute Books



I really love your emails, thank you!! After I posted about Brooke’s book, I got a few responses from readers interested in Father’s day/tribute books. It was a pleasant surprise and I had a lot of fun making something special and memorable for the men in these ladies’ lives.

hand bound tribute books

Two of the books I bound were tribute books with printed text from family members and friends. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this idea. Funny, Marissa and Audrey both wanted the cork/leather combination. I don’t blame them, if you could feel the cork and leather materials, you’d just drool. I love how yummy these books turned out.


In addition to making the custom tribute books for Marissa and Audrey, I also made a blank journal for a fellow blogger, Pattie. I love the checked paper and I’ve got a huge soft spot in my heart for the Coptic bind. The stitching is just so beautiful and theraputic. It’s also perfect for a pass-around book because the pages lay flat, perfect for writing in. Have I told you how much I love bookbinding?!? I got a year’s supply of PVA in the mail yesterday along with some beautiful paper from paper-source, so off I go to make some more books!!

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