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Indie Father's Day Card

I’ve been kicking this idea for a card for a while now, and finally I’ve mustered the motivation to do it. Yup, My middle name is procrastination.

I’ve noticed a SERIOUS moustache trend about the internet/indie crowd recently, and I wanted to tell Christopher that he’s a very cool dad. I really made this card just for him, but I’m sure there might be some dads out there that are cool, too. Maybe this would be a good last-minute card. Although I’m giving this card to Chris for father’s day, there’s no reason you couldn’t send a cool man in your life a little love any day of the year.

Click here to download the Father’s day Tri-fold Card

Click here to download the plain “You are so Indie” card


Happy Father’s day, Chris. You’re a wonderful dad.

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    1. stacy says:

      perfect, i needed a card for shawn! the whole beard/mustache thing works for him too :) thanks!

    2. Melissa says:

      I’m so glad this card came in handy!! Happy Father’s day to Shawn!

    3. brandi says:

      this is such great card idea – so funny! i bet he loved it.

    4. Rachel says:

      I *love* this card! So fun! Thanks so much, I’ll be linking to this.

    5. Ashley says:

      I love that you spelled it “moustache.” I prefer it that way, too.

    6. Nancy says:

      This is hilarious. Very timely. You could do a whole series of “you are So Indie” items. It would feel good to poke a little fun at that. :) Oh, and I vote all the time for you. Good luck with the Blogluxe award thingie.

    7. Katie says:

      Ha! I agree w/ Nancy – we could use a “you’re so Indie” set. I’m giving this to a bearded ‘Indie” that I know. Thanks!

    8. geek+nerd says:

      Thanks for the freebie – the indie card cracks me up, I have multiple friends that it would be perfect for!

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