Design: We Heart Popsicles


I can’t believe it’s already May and I haven’t shared this little project with you! Back in December, we were unsure of what to do for Chris’s dad for Christmas. He’s a man who has everything, like all dads, no?

Chris randomly came up with the idea of making a website for Cordell (aka popsicles). It’s like a tribute site, complete with his mug and favorite catch phrases. Of course we had to do it in day-glo, because this is no serious project.

So, as you draw on his face, random catch phrases play (catch phrases don’t work on the ipad, but you can still draw). You can choose different colors for drawing and you can also change the size and opacity of the brush. It was very tricky on Chris’s part. I just drew Cordell’s face.

I’m not sure Cordell thought of it as fun or us poking fun at him. It really is the first. Either way, it was a fun project to work on, and it’s fun to doodle. The above reminds me of the silly Capitol people on the Hunger Games (we just watched that last weekend – not as awesome as the book).

Now that Father’s day is the next big thing, what are you going to do for your dad(s) for Father’s day? I’ve got a few ideas brewing.

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