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I really love your emails, thank you!! After I posted about Brooke’s book, I got a few responses from readers interested in Father’s day/tribute books. It was a pleasant surprise and I had a lot of fun making something special and memorable for the men in these ladies’ lives.

hand bound tribute books

Two of the books I bound were tribute books with printed text from family members and friends. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this idea. Funny, Marissa and Audrey both wanted the cork/leather combination. I don’t blame them, if you could feel the cork and leather materials, you’d just drool. I love how yummy these books turned out.


In addition to making the custom tribute books for Marissa and Audrey, I also made a blank journal for a fellow blogger, Pattie. I love the checked paper and I’ve got a huge soft spot in my heart for the Coptic bind. The stitching is just so beautiful and theraputic. It’s also perfect for a pass-around book because the pages lay flat, perfect for writing in. Have I told you how much I love bookbinding?!? I got a year’s supply of PVA in the mail yesterday along with some beautiful paper from paper-source, so off I go to make some more books!!

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    1. Marissa says:

      i wish you were still local and would teach classes!

    2. I decided to do a “101 reasons why we love you” book with the one that you made for me and so I marked pages with numbers 1-101 and then I’m having family members write down a few items on why he is loved. I totally procrastinated on this so now I’m rushing to finish it. What’s nice about it is having the extra pages in the back so he can add different snippets of his life to his book. He’s going to LOVE IT! I’ll post pictures of it in my blog after I give it to him. Thanks again!

      p.s. the cards that you made for me have been used. One in particulars held a quote for my niece who is having a baby soon. and just because I love your calligraphy, I saved it and even cut out the address on the mailing envelope and glued it to me planner. Maybe a little neurotic – but I can’t get over how lovely my name looks ;-)

    3. Audrey says:

      Ha! Funny that the three of us should be the first to comment.

      Thank you so much for the Father’s Day Book. I’m sure my dad will love it. =)

      I LOVE Pattie’s journal and her idea. Wonderful! Maybe next time, I’ll ask for a journal like hers. ;)

      Thank you again.

    4. carrie kimmel says:

      Ummm so I think I’d like to have something like this for my Dad next year. Maybe you could help me with this project? You do sell your books online, right?

    5. Lydia says:

      Where are book binding classes offered? I’ve been wanting to learn how to bind like the checkered journal, but don’t even know where to start to look for information. Thanks!

    6. Lydia says:

      P.S. I live in Mesa, AZ.

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