Easy DIY Holiday Banner Tutorial


I whine and complain all the time about not having any holiday decorations. It’s all my fault for not having anything when the holiday seasons roll around. All my fault. I’m crafty, right? Why can’t I take a few minutes and make something?


A few weeks ago I organized all of my holiday gear in boxes (a first!) so now it’s time to invest in some fun decor to fill those boxes.

Today I’m sharing with you an updated tutorial from days of yore and a way to jazz it up for the holidays.

Styrofoam Prints DIY



  • pencil
  • styrofoam sheets (or plates with the edges cut off)
  • craft paint or block printing ink (water soluble is best)
  • acrylic plate
  • brayer
  • bone folder

You may not need the bone folder if you’re just doing detailed lines with a pencil. The bone folder is great if you’re doing large depressed (non-printed) areas. You likely have all of your supplies on hand. If you don’t, you could get a little creative and hack it, too!


Draw out your image backwards. Anything that gets drawn on the styrofoam, even lightly, will show up on your final print, so be deliberate!


Spread about a dime sized portion of ink on your printing plate and spread it evenly on the plate with your brayer. Roll ink onto the styrofoam plate.


Place styrofoam plate print-side down on your desired surface. Press with the side of your fist, but not too hard. If you press with your fingers, you may get strange mis-prints the next time you use the foam.


Repeat with lots of different inks on lots of different papers!


Frame your artwork or cut out and string up with baker’s twine for a festive holiday banner.

All printables and tutorials are subject to the following terms of use: Everything you see here is available free for personal use only. I love being featured all over, so if you do feature this project, link to the original project. If you would like to use this project for commercial use, please email Melissa using the contact feature above.


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