More Baby Booties!

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Thanks to Heather Bailey, I’m now obsessed with her pattern for baby booties. It’s so fabulously easy, especially when not using leather. The leather booties took me so long to sew, so when I set to work on some felt booties it was a MUCH faster process. I almost think that I should’ve embellished the booties just a little bit more. The yo-yo embellishment worked out nicely. I actually had originally planned on putting buttons in the middle, but I couldn’t find any buttons that looked cute with the shoes. I am really happy that I didn’t do the buttons. The stars in the middle make them look like little tomatoes. oh so cute! These booties went to my cousin (in-law) Tara. She’s about to pop, from what I hear.

I was sad not to be able to see Tara (or Alexis) while in SLC, but I was able to see my aunt (her mom-in-law) and give them to her. I hope that she finds them useful. OH, also… the leather booties I gave to Alexis work perfectly! I was hoping that she was going to have a girl. The girly, green leafy pattern of the leather booties would have looked a little funny on a little boy. Alexis had a healthy little Olivia Jane (such a cute name btw) either late Thursday night or Friday morning! Congratulations to Alexis and Chad! Yay for babies and families!


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