Purses, Bags & Totes, Oh MY!

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I’m obsessed. Thoroughly.

My friend Carrie showed me a site, thepurlbee.com that has a bunch of fun ideas, plus links to other bloggers that have tutorials, etc. Since then, I’ve tried to look at every link (there are tons) for Christmas ideas. I have been fortunate to find a few purse tutorials, to help me with my quest. I have also had the great fortune to have found a couple that go around to different interior design studios collecting discontinued fabric. I’ve collected quite a bit of it, thankfully finding scraps large enough for bags.


brownpursesm.jpg greypursesm.jpg greenpursesm.jpg

Left: The fabric for the brown purse was free, and the pattern/tutorial can be found HERE.

Middle: Fabric was free, there was a price tag on the fabric noting that it had, at one point, gone for $160 a yard!! Cool. The pattern was modified from the above tutorial, I brought the opening in a couple of inches just to add a little dimension to the shape.

Right: Fabric was also free, I love freebies. The Pleated tote pattern can be found HERE.

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