My Very Own Project Runway


Last Saturday night I was trying to keep myself occupied while Chris was busy playing chess –he’s an awesome chess player– so I decided to make a dress. I have a couple of dress patterns that I’ve found recently, but they don’t particularly cater to a growing belly. So, I thought I would be creative and modify one of the patterns to make a dress of my own.

Just like on Project runway, I had until midnight (or until I zonked out of sleepiness). Then, the next day I had a few hours to fit the garment to my model (me), and send it down the runway (aka church). I ran into a few issues which took me up until sacrament meeting to solve. We were a little late for church. It turned out great, though. Here’s how it looks:


Am I in, or am I out? Now that I’m looking at the picture, I think I should have ironed the dress before taking pictures. Oh, well. I’m particularly proud of the back of the dress, because the pattern called for a 19″ zipper, and I didn’t have one on hand, but I did have a bunch of matching buttons and some ribbon which I colored black with a sharpie marker (ghetto, but fabulous!). Here’s a view of the back…


I love how this dress turned out, but I think I’m going to make another one in some more exciting fabric.

P.S. That fabric I have had for years, bought it from Wal*Mart for $1 a yard!! I know so many people boycott that store, but I won’t hide that I love it!!

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    1. lindsey says:

      Oh my gosh I LOVE IT! You did such a good job! I’m so totally impressed, I’ll have to take some lessons from you. Very cute.

    2. Michelle says:

      Holy Bajoley. If I am ever pregnant, I am calling you.

    3. Carrie says:

      You are definitely in!!! Very cute. I didn’t get to see the back of it in church. I’m way impressed!

    4. Amanda says:

      I love it! I wish I could sew like that…

    5. Angela says:

      Your creativity literally astounds me! I love the buttons on the back of the dress. You are definately in! (Reread with German accent)

    6. Dan says:

      Amazing. That’s really all I can say, and that’s a lot for being the only boy among all girls commenting on a dress.

      Oh, and I like so much that you got rid of the mullet.

    7. Marianna says:

      You look so beautiful! I’m so excited for you! You are seriously going to be the coolest mom!

    8. angie says:

      if only i could make something with material that isn’t construction paper – sigh – what talent you have!

    9. alysha says:

      Your dress is beautiful.
      I also especially love the buttons down the back, puts a different twist on it!

    10. Mom says:

      You are a radiant. I wish I looked like you when I was pregnant. Hey check out the room I booked for Gma and Gpa

    11. Lisa says:

      Melissa, I stumbled across your blog while blog hopping through other blogs and it has been so fun to read about what you’re up to and all the amazing things you do! The dress is incredible, I am so impressed! Looking through your posts has inspired me to want to be more creative!

    12. Deborah says:

      I don’t know how I stumbled across your blog, but I love it. Your creations are wonderful. I did my own project runway challenge as well, but the outcome wasn’t so good. When we had our baby we started out in a one bedroom as well. I can’t believe you guys are making your own crib!

    13. Anna says:

      I too was blog surfing and found your blog! That dress is awesome,I want one for my next pregnancy! ps love the crib too…amazing you are an inspiration

    14. anne says:

      Hi, love the dress. What pattern did you start with?

    15. Melissa says:

      Thanks, Anne!

      I started out with Simplicity pattern #3673 and added sleeves & a pleated skirt. Hope that helps!

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