Preparing the Nest


Now that we have just 13 more weeks left until our little Nelly Pea is born, we’ve started thinking about all of the things that we need to do and get in order to be fully prepared for her blessed arrival. Carseat? Check. Stroller? Check. Blankets? Check. Crib? Crib?!? NOPE.

There are a TON of things that we need to get, but it’s the crib that has worried me most. We live in a one bedroom apartment that has limited space. The full sized cribs you can get at Ikea and similar stores are far too large for our apartment. We have a perfect sized closet that could hold a crib, but it’s just 4 inches too narrow for the standard. So… being the crafty, DIY person that I am… I decided that we should just build the thing ourselves. My mother-in-law didn’t give us a miter saw for nothing!! (Thanks Linda, again, BTW)

So, with our limited carpentry skills, Chris and I are making Nelly Pea’s crib. Saturday we spent about an hour and a half in Home Depot trying to get all of the measurements down to figure out how much wood we need. Just ask Chris how stressful it was. OH GOODNESS! I think I just about had a nervous breakdown in the middle of the hard wood section!! AK! Monday, we were hoping would be a bright enough day (much like Saturday), so we could just work hard all day, and get it all done, before Chris had to go back to work on Tuesday. NO, no, we weren’t so fortunate. The weather has been frowning on all of the bay area for the last week. All we were able to do Monday was make the cuts and sand. It was far too cold and wet to paint the wood. DANG!

So instead of a lovely photograph of a completed baby crib… here’s a picture of Chris, sanding all of the pieces, he’s pretty lovely, too. He did such a great job. (Thanks also to Uncle Steve and Aunt Karen for the sander–this project would not have been quite the same with out it.)


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    1. lindsey says:

      You’re naming your baby Nelly Pea…would that be together like all the time you call her Nelly Pea, or do you just call her that now? I think it’s really super cute! only 13 weeks left….ooooh, I bet you’re so excited! I’m so happy for you guys!

    2. Melissa says:

      So we’re going to name her Penelope, and call her “Nelly Pea” for short. Have any ideas for middle names??

    3. lindsey says:

      Hmmm, no ideas for middle names. I wouldn’t want anyone to steal my names…hehehe. J/k. I really don’t have any ideas. Although, I’m liking isabella these days…I’ve met a lot of isabellas that go by bella…but that would make for a REALLY long name. Penelope Isabella? it’s a mouthfull! And yes, I’ll be sewing my quilt, the whole thing…hoepfully not by hand this time. i’ll never do that again. I’ve been too lazy to start though…I should do it soon becuase everything else is black and beige and my comfortor is WHITE! so it is kind of an eyesore…I need to get it coveverd, it just doesn’t look good to me like that…not to mention, it doesn’t match.

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