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Recently Chris and I have been just eating cereal and sandwiches. It’s not the most exciting diet. It’s mostly because I just don’t have the energy, or any ideas to make exciting dinners. I’m kind of pathetic right now. I’ve been feeling particularly guilty, because I’ve always made dinner for Chris, and now I’m making him fend for himself. Poor guy. So, my guilt became too much to live with the other day, so I decided I’d make French bread as a peace offering to my starving husband. (okay, don’t worry, we’re not really starving, just craving the finer foods in life)

I’m not the best bread person in the world. Most of my bread experiences have resulted in very dense, flat, flavorless masses that smell too much of yeast. I meticulously assembled the ingredients hoping for a little bit of success. I’m very happy to report that the bread turned out very well! It was more dense than the bread you buy at the store, but it was perfect. There’s nothing like munching on warm, fresh bread. I was just so excited about how well it turned out, I had to take pictures to prove that I actually did it.

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    1. looks fabulous! let me just remind you that my ENTIRE third trimester all i ate was Easy Mac. Really, that was all. And the two steps required to make Easy Mac were one step too many!

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