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My recent obsession has been telling everyone and anyone about the crib that Chris and I made together (yes, from scratch–we’re so proud). I think most of the people I’ve told have heard how excited I am about the crib two or three times. I’m going to talk about it some more!

. . .

I entered photos (found in the previous post) of the crib to a DIY contest. You could enter in as many projects as you wanted, they just had to be something you’ve made, or refurbished. Well, on Thursday (or was it Friday?) I got an email saying that I was selected as a semi-finalist for the contest!! So, this is pretty big, but still, it just means I’m in the top 100. I’m hoping to get into the top 10-15 and possibly top 4 (cross your fingers). The email also said that we had the weekend to take more photos, if we so desired, to really spice up the project. I’m not going to pass up an opportunity to get ahead, so I set to work. It’s really such a shame that I don’t have my little Penelope just yet, I’m so antsy for this little girl to come out!! I really wanted some photos with a little baby, even if it wasn’t mine, so I asked my friend, Natalee, if she’d be willing to lend me her child for a half hour or so. She was fabulous, and so was Vivian. Natalee also helped supply me with more decor to make our “set” a little more like a baby’s room, and Vivian did a great job of being the cutest little girl ever.

Many thanks to Natalee and Vivian for your help with the photos!!! I think they turned out pretty darn cute.

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    1. lynne says:

      great news on your placing into the semi finals!

      love the pictures…definitely was curiously anticipating their posting.

      :) lynne

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    3. angie says:

      this really is fabulous! i am so impressed!

    4. mo says:

      please teach me your skills!

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