Preparing the Nest, Continued…


I am happy to report that we have finally FINALLY finished making Penelope’s crib! I finished it just in time to enter into a DIY contest that just ended. I’m really happy with how the crib turned out. I was very skeptical at first, not trusting that it would be sturdy enough for a bouncing baby girl, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised as I’ve rolled it around the apartment.

Nelly’s Crib

. . .

The reason why we decided to make our own crib was mainly because we don’t have enough room in our apartment for a standard sized crib. Plus, we wanted to put the crib in one of our closets (to serve as a mini ‘room’ for Nelly Pea), and the closet wasn’t big enough to house a standard crib. It’s shy just a couple inches. I was looking into the Co Sleepers, but they’re not very sturdy. Well, not enough for a baby over 15 pounds (I’m not planning on having a baby that big, but she’ll eventually get there). So, I used the same dimensions as the Co Sleeper, just making it more sturdy.

We used poplar for the frame; it was not very expensive and has a nice greenish grain to it. I made the mattress from high density foam, and bumper pads as well as the crib. The sewing was a little obnoxious for the bumper pads, because I made the bumper pads too big at first, so I had to rip open several seams and sew again. Between making the frame and the bedding I think we used every single tool in our house. I am so thankful to the various family members that have bought/handed down the tools we have. This project wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

I need to give credit where credit is due, Chris did help a ton with the crib. He helped make quite a few of the cuts and he did keep me from balling up in a corner and crying my eyes out of frustration. Got to love the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy. I am particularly pleased with how the paint job turned out. I have been totally into this tole painting style, recently, I think it just looks so . . . whimsical might not be the right word. Well with any further ado, I present to you the photos of the final product…

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    1. Annie says:

      that is the most amazingly gorgeous crib i’ve ever seen! she’s a lucky girl.

    2. Mom says:

      I love the whimsical tole painting and the pretty bumper pads add a special touch. You out did yourself again!

    3. Can you make a bed for me?

    4. Linnley says:

      Miss, I love the crib, it is so cute! You really are talented! You could start a buisness selling all the stuff you make really you could.

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