My Very First Digital SLR


YAY!!! It finally came! Chris and I got our new camera this afternoon! Waiting for it to come in the mail was like waiting for Christmas; it seemed to take forever!!!! I was really anxious to start using it as soon as I got it out of the box. Here are a couple photos that I took just messing around with the automatic setting.

.  .  .




.  .  .

I didn’t waste any time this afternoon and read the user’s guide. I have figured out how to use the aperture and shutter priority settings as well as the manual settings. I’m really excited to start playing around with depth of field and exposure times. Chris and I have had a lot of fun this evening just playing around with our new toy. It’s getting me really excited to have a cute little subject to photograph in a couple weeks!! There’s just no comparing this camera to my old one. I just can’t even begin to describe the bliss of using a nice digital SLR! I didn’t even have to spend any time (other than downsizing the large file) in Photoshop to touch up the photos!! Oh, this just gets me so excited to go out and take pictures of everything and anything.

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    1. dude, i am SOOOO jealous!!!!!!! that camera and those pictures look sweet!

    2. Amanda says:

      Yay! How fun! I particularly love that first picture.

    3. Emily says:

      Those look awesome! So you just took them with the 18-55mm lens that it came with? I’m impressed! David and I have been shopping for a digital SLR and we couldn’t decided between the D40 or the D80, but after seeing that I think I’ve made my choice! Plus you could buy another lens for the amount you’d save by not buying the D80!

    4. Melissa, It was so great to see you on my blogspot today, I was just telling Maegan I wanted to comment on your blogspot because I thought so much of your stuff is amazing. Your blogsite inspired my post of “I’m not a very good blogger” on my blog site. I do live in the Bay Area, in Fremont, which is about 20-30 min. from Menlo Park. I would love to see you sometime and your cool projects, also your soon to come baby. I know it’s soon to come and after yours, then mine is soon to come, so we’ll find some time after all that to see each others baby and say hi.

      -Sarah Jackson

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