Nelly’s New Outfit


NESTING!! I’m going crazy with nesting! So many things to do and so little time. Seriously, who knows if she’ll make her debut in a week, or in 3?!? AH! OH well, if stuff just doesn’t get done, it doesn’t get done! We move on, right? Maybe you could say I’m just going a little crazy. Chris will agree with that, I know. He’s just been so patient with me during the whole pregnancy, he should get an award or something.

Well, I’ve got a few projects stewing in our basement (aka garage). Only a few of which have had the privilege to see completion. A couple of months ago, my friend Carrie sent me a link to a really awesome tutorial. I’ve been meaning to try out Brooklyn Bean‘s smocked dress tutorial for ages now, and finally I got around to doing it!! YAY! So, I didn’t know what the term smocking was until 5 or 6 months ago (embarrassing? yes) and I didn’t know until just a couple of months ago that you can do it on a standard sewing machine. Hand sewing can be a little tedious sometimes. The totally cute dress you see below, took me a total of 40 minutes, thank goodness for electric sewing machines. I think it would’ve taken me less time if my sewing machine didn’t keep breaking the thread.


. . .

Now that I am comfortable with machine smocking, I’ve been daydreaming non-stop about the different ways I could incorporate machine smocking. All of my ideas involve some sort of outfit where I’d have to have a waist instead of a large belly. It might be a few months before any of those projects happen. here are a couple of dress drawings…


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    1. Amanda says:

      I’m totally going to try that dress! That’s so cute!

    2. maegan says:

      So cute! Elyette may have a larger version in her future.

    3. alysha says:

      I love the lining, such a cute touch.

    4. lin says:

      Nelly Pea, is now here! Yay, and she will get to wear that cute dress sooner than we think, now melissa doesn’t have to go crazy waiting for the day to come.

    5. I found your site by searching for “Smocked” and so far I am in LOVE. Thanks for the great smocking tips with visual aids!! Now I know what I am going to spend my Sunday doing. Thanks again!

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