We Feel So Incredibly Grateful


This last week has just been a blur. Last Monday, after being in fake labor all weekend, I went into real labor during Chris’s softball game. My water broke just as Chris was going up to bat (poor guy hadn’t played at all the entire game!!), it felt like it could have been straight out of the movies. I’m sure it was a really strange sight for Chris’s co-workers to see a 9 month pregnant woman, sopping wet, waddling towards the diamond in a hurry yelling for my husband.

I was SOOO glad I finally went into labor! I had had contractions for about 3 days, and was ready to just give up and accept the fact that I was going to have a belly and contractions for the rest of my life. The labor itself went really well, I only pushed for about 40 minutes, and she popped right out in all of her trollish glory. She was born on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 4:04am weighing 7 pounds 15 ounces and 20 inches long. Now that the swelling and conehead has gone down, she’s just a little doll. We’ve known all along how cute she was going to turn out.


. . .

My mom came into town Tuesday night, and has been such a huge help. Between grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, driving, doctor’s appointments (pretty much everything), I haven’t done a thing. She’s taken care of everything. To be honest I feel a little guilty that I’m not so helpful around the house. My mom has done so much for me over my lifetime, and now she’s doing even more. Since her arrival we’ve eaten so well. Before Nelly P came, our staple food was sandwiches. Chris and I are so appreciative of real food. The night we got home from the hospital, my mom made us the most incredible salad and muffins. I’ve not had food like that pretty much since we visited my parents for Christmas. I just had to take a picture of the meal. Doesn’t it make you salivate just looking at it?


It was also so nice to come home to a clean apartment filled with flowers!! My friend Carrie, gave me the cutest daffodils (which, I’m afraid, are dying– I’m terrible with plants), and Chris’s work sent us a large bouquet of flowers. I don’t think I’ve ever been given a bouquet that large. It’s just amazing what live plants do for an apartment. I’m tempted to just spend all of my money on flowers in our apartment. They’re just so fun!



I’m just so incredibly grateful that our Nelly P is in good health and here with us. We have been blessed greatly with a beautiful daughter and such a great support system of family and friends. I’m so grateful to all of you that have called and visited!! We thank our Father in Heaven for blessing us with a healthy girl, and fabulous friends and family that love us so much. Thanks to you all. A thousand times over.

I’m in the process of posting a page devoted entirely to our precious Penelope Pearl. We’ll be posting more pictures and video!! Stay tuned…

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    1. Lindsey says:

      Oh congats! She is so beautiful! I’m so happy for you guys!

    2. lynne says:

      Yippee! I like to check back to see what beautiful pictures you post — and this is the best! i knew something must have happened since the last post was april17 — congratulations!!! i am so happy for you.

    3. lynne says:

      …btw, the flowers are pretty too. ;)

    4. L says:

      beautiful baby, yummy food, flowers=very cheery. I am so glad that you are being taken care of! Your Penelope is gorgeous! I am guessing you know that already, but I am giving you an unbiased opinion, she is a cutie!!

    5. Amanda says:

      Congratulations!! She’s beautiful! How are you feeling?

    6. Maria K says:

      Congratulations Melissa! Penelope is amazing and beautiful.
      Maria K (from your class)

    7. maegan says:

      Congratulations! She is a doll!! I can’t wait to meet her. I’ve been thinking about you two since you had her. The kids and I got really sick the day after you had her and now we are battling some ear infections so we haven’t dared come over. We hope all is well and that we will be soon so we can see you guys. Again, CONGRATS!

      All our love,
      The Millars

    8. Mindy says:

      She’s beautiful! I can’t wait to see more pictures.

    9. Ronda says:

      oh my gosh Melissa She is SOO cute! Congratulations! I have actually been thinking about you and wondering when you were going have her! I’m so happy for you and Chris. We we will have to meet her when we go to California the end of May. And I would love to see you and Chris as well! So let me know what your plans are and we can meet up or something?

    10. Nancy says:

      Good for you guys! She’s adorable, and you are so lucky! Congratulations!

    11. Congratulations and well done! She’s beautiful. Last Thursday Scott and I had both, independently thought of you two, wondering if you had had your baby yet.

      I’m glad your Mom is/was there to help. Good luck these next few weeks and try and take it easy. Except to post more pictures of course.

    12. Emily says:

      Congratulations Melissa!!! She is absolutely gorgeous! What a great labor story too! I’m excited to see more pictures and that video you promised! :) I hope the adjustment to motherhood is going well!

    13. Lauri says:

      The Glauser family sends their congratulations! What a beauty! We wish you, Chris and Penelope all the happiness you can create!

    14. Annie says:

      Congratulations Melissa and Chris! What a beautiful girl, we can’t to see more pictures…and especially see the princess herself someday!

    15. Tanya says:

      Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

    16. Katie says:

      Congrats and kudos on such an adorable little girl! She looks so sweet. I hope you are feeling well and recovering. Sounds like the delivery was a good experience. And isn’t it nice to have your Mom around? Just think, some day you’ll be doing that for your little girl!

      P.S. The daffodils are doomed to die. They’re a short lived plant, but when they do, just pull out the stems, dig out the bulbs, and store them in a little paper or plastic bag. You can grow them again later. Bulbs are awesome like that.

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