Make Shift


I’ve had this fabric for a long time now, it was even partially sewn. I just lacked the motivation to do anything with it until now. Thank you to Hannah and Jonathan for providing me with the free fabric! For more information on what they do, go here.

Stay tuned for more projects. . .

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    1. Chris says:

      Nice dress Mel. Nice photograph too . . . Must be a great photographer. See the way the diagonal grating behind you plays off of the fabric pattern and the angle of your elbow?

    2. Julia says:

      How do you look so good after just having a baby? Awesome dress! Hey, did you hear that Alisa is getting married July 31? We’re having a shower for her July 10, so if you’re in town we’d love for you to come! Otherwise, just know we’re thinking about you!

    3. Bri says:

      You are amazing! I have no idea how you are still doing fabulous projects at home with a newborn!

    4. tdriggs says:

      wow, well done! the best is the perfect touch. i will definitely contact you about SF… i appreciate the invite.

    5. That dress is adorable. And the girl in it too.

      How are you guys? It sounds like you’re doing really well. Me and Mark can’t believe you guys already have your first addition! That’s so exciting!

      Btw, just want you to know that the journal you guys gave us for our wedding is getting good use. Thanks.

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