Happy Three Months!


It’s incredible to think that it’s been 3 months (yesterday) since Penelope was born. Honestly it has been one of the most trying times in my life, but not without its rewards. I love you, Penelope!! Thanks for being so sweet to your mamma.

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    1. Julia says:

      I appreciate your honesty. What a beautiful daughter you have! And you’re a great mamma. :)

    2. Chris says:

      And your dad. Great picture Melissa. You managed to get her without any milk residue on her chin.

    3. lynne says:

      she is such a cutie (like a little peach)! so glad you’ve had such a great first three months.

    4. lynne says:

      p.s. i still haven’t figured out what the “is•ly” stands for in your banner.

    5. She is beeeeeeeeeeeeautiful.

    6. Nicia says:

      Holy cow, I didn’t realize how BLUE her eyes are! She is absolutely beautiful! Happy 3 month-er!!

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