I Still Love you, Bubba Grrz


Right after I had Penelope, I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t post a million pictures of Penelope and make my blog revolve around her*. I have to say, the opposite has happened. I hardly post about her, that I wonder if people even know I have a beautiful, well-behaved, funny, adorable, sweet little baby girl.

Well, just so y’all know, I DO have a fabulous little baby girl who just turned four months old. She’s not rolling over yet; however, she is giggling and threatening to roll over and she is starting to understand what toys are, or what things could potentially be toys (e.g. earrings, necklaces, bells, clothes, hair, feet, hands, etc), AND she loves her rice cereal! She’s really cute. Here are a couple of photos of Penelope in her cute-mode and I’ve also posted more photos on her page here.

*Note: it’s not bad to post a million pictures of your babies, I could post them and look at other’s baby photos all the time (I do the latter all day long), I’m just afraid that I’d lose my identity if I did. The blog is now called IS•LY (standing for I Still Love You), which is my proclamation to myself and anyone that reads this that there is more to me and my life than changing poopy diapers(which isn’t all that bad). It’s my hope to continue doing the things that make me uniquely me, while being a mother and taking care of my lovely little family. It’s totally an ideallistic approach at mommyhood and a very hard balance to obtain. I’ve gained a TON more respect for my mom and mother-in-law who have sacrificed so much, except who they are, for motherhood. I just want to be like them.

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    1. Lindsey says:

      Oh my gosh she totally looks like Chris!

    2. Nicia says:

      Wow…in that picture she really does look just like Chris! That’s understandable why you don’t post a ton about Penelope. My blog on the other hand…!! That’s the only reason I created a blog! haha. Funny huh?

    3. Julia says:

      I was wondering when you would put more pictures of her up here! She’s darling! I love her little thighs. I love that Camille got to hold her, too. I wish I would have seen you while you were here. Did you have fun here in SLC? I’m glad to hear that you are still taking time for yourself–you deserve it. What a fabulous baby you have!

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