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For the last 3 or so months I’ve been thinking about moving.I don’t want to go through the hassle of boxing up stuff again and I’ve realized that I really just want to redecorate. I’m bored.

In my efforts to figure out what to do, I’ve been addicted to Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge; which both have so many great ideas. A while back there was a post on organizing your books by color, which is far superior than organizing by size. Wow, it’s like my bookshelf got a makeover. I did dust, so in a way it did. A much needed makeover. I think I went through 12 clorox wipes to get the dust off of one shelf alone. It was bad.

I don’t know why I’m so proud of this, insignificant change, but I think it might be the beginning of a head to toe makeover for my apartment.

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    1. Melissa, that is so cool! I’ve always kept my clothes in order by color, but books, that’s really nifty.

    2. Ronda says:

      Hey! I do the same as Michelle organize my clothes by color but only lasts for about a month or so.. I love your bookshlef.Very organized. LOVE IT! By the way, Penelope is sooo darling! You are such a great mother to her. i am blessed to say that I have a great friend who is wonderful to her daughter. Miss ya! Will be there during Christmas time?? We are heading out there at that time.

    3. Angie says:

      The books by color look awesome – I always think by author…but now I’ve got a new way to think about it!

    4. em bailey says:

      Hey, What a great idea. It looks cool, kindof like an sculpture or a painting the colors fade in and out and it just flows.
      If I had a book shelf I would probably do that…well, I probably need some books first!

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