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As you know I’ve been a little bored with my apartment recently. I’ve made a few changes, progress is coming slowly. Anyway, I’ve been featured in Apartment Therapy as one of the contestants for the Fall Color Contest!!!  I couldn’t be more pleased, since yesterday (the last day to enter) I kept getting error messages when I was trying to upload and submit my entry.

My entry is in the regional best 40 bracket. Contest voting will be on the 20th and if I get enough votes, I can move on to the final 20. I probably won’t make it into the top 20, because I’m up against some serious competition, but I’m excited to be blurbed about in ATSF.

Fashion Plate

**Update! I also just found out that Penelope was featured in the Goody Blog’s “Cute Kid Thursday”. I submitted info and picture last week, didn’t think it would happen so soon, but hey, Penelope is just adorable.

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    1. Brooke says:

      I want to vote for your cute apartment! Is it open to voting? I got on the website but the “post your submission” button didn’t work.

      Ohhh by the way, you can have the pineapple in your house if you don’t live in a temperate climate. It should face a South window so that it can get direct sunlight. As long as the temperate doesn’t get to freezing, you can keep it outside.

    2. Jenn says:

      Congrats on both! Love your mix of throw pillows on the couch, especially what I think is a fashionable Boppy.

    3. Melissa says:

      Thank you! It is a boppy. . . a friend gave it to me when she moved, but it had a horrendous velvet cover on it, so I refashioned a new one. I honestly don’t know why a manufacturer would cover a boppy in velvet, because it’s going to get covered in baby puke. Crusty velvet is just wrong.

    4. Hi Melissa,

      I’m wondering if you do/would sell prints of the art from your BFA final show. I posted my question to AT also. You mention on the blog that the printing is expensive–I’m sorry, as a non-artist, I don’t have any idea how much that costs. Would you sell one?

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